Friday, July 31, 2009

Number 17

So today, as usual on payday Friday (which coincidentally is the only day I ever seem to have any 'spending' money) I stopped by the local fabric store. Wasn't looking for anything in particular, didn't have much $$ to spend. Normally due to short arms and long pockets I never buy the frivolous items I fall in love with. Today, I lost control and bought these little hearts. Then upon my arrival home, I rushed past the starving family and messy kitchen to whip up a little pin cushion just for them! I used a few tiny scraps in my waste basket and then decided to try something other than straight stitch on my machine - which happens to have 59 amazing stitches! I known in the vast sewing machine world, this is probably pocket change, but last machine did straight and zig-zag....nothing else. It's kinda hard to see, but I think it is used for crazy quilts and I top stitched it on the seems. So check out #17 from my little Brother.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Little Chair

I found this lovely little chair while having a rummage through the mess at my in-law's summer house. It was broken into many pieces and missing a slat on the seat (not hard to guess where!). Lovely Mr. VW with much moaning and groaning (and comments of 'lovely firewood') helped cut a piece of wood to repair the seat. With a few drops of wood glue it was all fixed and I love it!!! I debated long and hard about whether to paint it and until I find the perfect shade, opted for a clear coat. Of course a little chair also need a little crochet....
It has been a challenge to keep Little J's bum out of it, but it's the perfect size for Mr. Bear.

I had a brain wave while at work today....curtain rings are the perfect way to display my little quilts on the shelf halfway down the stairs. It will be super easy to switch them out.
Finally, a couple of weeks ago I received my first "commission" - more likely a demand from my resident critic. Little J's request - "A sign please to keep you out of my room - because it's my room and I'm in charge. If you want to come in, you'll have to knock!". Seven year olds are lovely, aren't they?

Toodles and happy weekend!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Red Quilt

Today just another little quilt for my collection. This one I hand stitched the top quilting, which I haven't done since I figured out the machine stippling method. I enjoy hand stitching these little quilts, it's quite rewarding to make the fabric crinkle with each stitch. The triangles of this quilt were left over from a much larger quilt and as I was tidying up the other day, I decided to make use of them. The red sashing fabric is one of my absolute favorites.

Not much luck with the photos today, my 'assistant' wasn't has focused as he needed to be! :-) Contrary to the photos, this quilt is much straighter than it appears.....not sure what was going on with the camera.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

:: Pin Pin ::

Just stopping by super fast posting about my usual antics :: sewing :: crochet. Today I stopped by the local 'bargain' outlet with my neighbour who had never been there before. Generally I keep my purse closed at these types of stores because most of the stuff is junk. However today, Little J spotted a real gem for a whopping $1.99. I could not stop myself from buying these little wonders. Who could? Smiling little fruit faces, a rainbow of colour inside this wonderful little box. Of course they were bought under the apprehension that Little J would colour with them. However after I gave him the long list of 'rules' associated with using them (no breaking, no ripping paper cover off, no slinging them around the room, must be returned to box in order...) for some reason he seemed reluctant to use them. Mr. VW was quick to explain why, and suggested with rules like that I should probably go and buy mine own set! :-) (Brilliant, they come in pink too!!!!)

Friday, July 10, 2009

The 'Attic 24' Bag!!!

I am gobsmacked at how happy I am with my "attic24" bag and I cannot thank the marvelous Lucy enough for sharing this super pattern with the folks in bloggerville. I just keep looking at it and smiling. Turned out far better than I imagined with my crap crochet skills. I may have gotten a little carried away when I added the crocheted pocket on the outside and lined the inside, but as I plan on using this bag as a daily carry all, it needed a few 'comparments'.

Intially I was just going to use the pink & white polk a dot fabric, but it didn't match so well. I had just a teeny tiny fat quarter of the top strip, which I thought matched really well. Needless to say, I am super smiley happy with this one!
Poor Pigpen may look like the sad and reluctant model, but she is merely relieved this project is finally over and she will no longer be left to fend for herself :-)
Just one last look......

Loving this one....