Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well I am a bit behind on welcoming the new year, the days seemed to have slipped away so fast and my poor blog neglected again. The bitter cold we have been experiencing has not helped as I just want to spend hours wrapped in a blanket watching the telly.
Anyway, with the holidays sadly over, I finally have some time to blog and enjoy the lovely gifts I received for Christmas - most notably from my wonderful wonderful boss. I have worked with her for almost 13 years as her executive assistant (sounds important doesn't it? not really, just means i know very well what she likes for lunch :-) ) Anyway, after all these years we now have moments when we think and say the same thing at the same time quite frequently! So needless to say she is absolutely brilliant at choosing gifts for me!!! So I thought I would share just a couple of the lovely items she was so generous with and which I squealed with delight when I opened them. Yes I really did squeal - the other girls in the office were rather alarmed!

1. Fossil Bag - unbeknown to my boss I had been eyeing this bag in our towns one and only department store for weeks. I cannot recall the number of times I picked it up to purchase it, only to put it down again after reviewing the price tag!
2. Little Owl Fossil Purse - this is THE item that caused me to squeal! I grin from ear to ear every time I take it out of my bag - I even take it out to just look at it and stroke it's lovely soft leather. Isn't it F : A : B ????
3. Fabulous Crochet Book - I love looking at the photos, just now I need to figure out how to read the patterns!
4. Wonderful Applique Book - just a few of my favorite pages.

.....beautiful fabrics in this book, shame we don't have wonderful stores in our town that stock such fab prints.....
.....super sweet watermelon pin cushion.....first on my list to try!

Didn't she do good? Particularly good I think for someone who isn't particularly crafty or into crochet.
Sorry again for the crap photos. Its fairly safe to say there will be no good photos on my weekday posts until the spring when I actually make it home before the sun sets.
I must thank the lovely Annalisa for the blog award she has given me. It's my first and I am not quite certain how to handle it....so I will have to give it a think.
I am looking forward to another exciting year adding to this blog....I will have been at this blog business for a whole year at the end of this month and have met some of the most wonderful people and enjoying the most beautiful stories and photos. Thank you bloggerville friends!
Oh and before I forget.....Happy 2010!


marigold jam said...

Lucky you! I would love any or all of those wonderful gifts. Good luck with figuring out the crochet patterns and we will look forward to seeing what you produce from the applique book too. Happy New Year from snowy Somerset - yes we have had a heavy fall of snow which has totally changed our scenery here from green and damp yesterday to a winter wonderland today! No going out today so must get crafting methinks!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

What lovely gifts, I love it when someone puts thought and effort in to get you the best gift ever!!!
Lucy xx