Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here They Be

Well I *think* (fingers crossed tightly) the funk is starting to lift. Thanks so much to Jane and Kate for their kind words of encouragement. Just exactly how did Jane know that the sight/thought of daffodils would cheer me up? I have been optimistically been looking for signs of them in my garden, although I know it will be months before they poke their little heads out of the ground.
Over the last year this bloggerville community I have joined has never ceased to amaze me. How the kind words of a total stranger can cheer someone so much? Whether in their blog posts or sweet comments. Thank you bloggerville friends, you have bought me so much sunshine these last twelve months.
Now, on to business. Remember in between the gloomy words of yesterday's post I mentioned two completed projects??? Well spurred on my the thought of those daffodils, i was anxious to get home this evening, determined to post photos of them, regardless of the crap lighting and the fact my poor family might be screaming for their tea. Luckily for me, Mr. VW (whom I found out does actually read this blog - hello honey!) had the dinner perfectly timed to be ready the moment Little J and I crashed in the door. Both Little J and Mr. VW were very obliging to hold said completed projects while I attempted to capture their finished glory!
....so here they are :-)
1. Log Cabin Quilt

2. Lovely, although smallish Car Crochet blanket. (Lots of ows and ahs from Little J while he held it up - I guess little 8 year old arms do get a wee bit tired whilst Mummy takes 11 photos)

Now, just in case you thought I had abandoned my dip in the knitting pool again, just a quick reveal on almost completed scarf! Not too shabby eh? Haven't made any catastrophic mistakes -YET- still time for that I am sure. One 5oz ball of wool down - one more to go? Well maybe not the whole ball. Hoping to eek some wrist warmers out of it too. :-)
Well I must run now as it appears that my assistant Pumpkin is attempting to break into the linen closet. Now normally I would not be concerned by his attempt to explore the disaster that is my linen closet, however he has taken to chewing holes in clothes and other items. Does anyone have any idea what would possess a rather large ginger cat to chew a hole the size of my hand in my almost brand new cardigan? Or attempt to eat the toes out of Mr. VW sock?
Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday....I'm off to rescue my bed sheets.


Maria said...

Your car blanket is lovely. And I am in admiration of your quilt

marigold jam said...

So glad you are feeling better - isn't life strange but it is always cheering to know one isn't alone and that the "funk" is felt by many of your friends too!

The patchwork and crochet are fabulous and that scarf looks very cosy - looking forward to seeing the wrist warmers too later.

Cats - who'd have them eh?!! Hope you got to the airing cupboard before Pumpkin did any damage.

Jane x

Pearly Queen said...

Your work is lovely - perhaps best to keep it in a different cupboard and make Pumpkin his own little blankie?

Jessie At Home! said...

Hey sweetie, sorry about your funk. That happens to me a lot, and it can be hard to handle. Sounds like you are coming out of it, yea!

The blankets are very beautiful. I love how different every log cabin quilt is. Yours is very lovely. Hope the rest of your week is happy and warm!


Around the hook said...

Oh Nice to Hear you better! Oh I love the crochet blanket it really looks wonderful for Many cosy car moments!

Annalisa said...

a wonderful work...you're really so talented!Can't thank you enough for your lovely comments on my blog!
have a lovely day,