Monday, January 18, 2010

One Hundred

I have been a real funk this week, in fact, this whole year and even this decade so far I have been in a real funk. (Thankfully we are only 18 days into the latter two) This post (not these words & photos of course) has been in my head 15 times a day everyday since my last post. It has been started 8 times and deleted 7 times. 8th time's a charm???? I really wanted to do a mosaic with my photos from the last year - but I could not for the life of me figure out how to make one! It just added to my 2010 funk, which I am desperately trying to shake. It's the kinda funk that makes you want to lay on the couch and channel surf the telly all day long. I think it might be work (employment) related, so I won't bother going there.
Anyway, funk aside, I did have quite a good day today - for a Monday. Mostly because I had the day off work and I managed to finish two projects! Unfortunately I don't have any good photos of them, so sorry about that.

A lovely crochet project I have not yet shared on this blog is finished. I actually started this with scraps of wool long before my birthday blanket (which thanks to my funk hasn't been touched in weeks). This blanket is actually for Mr. VW's car. We always carry a blanket in the car as we tend to frequently embark on long journeys which require Little J to nap under a snugly blanket.

Of course getting it out from under my assistant Pumpkin and into the car maybe a challenge!

The binding has been machine sewn and hand stitched to my log cabin quilt made from Christmas pressie fabric. My favorite part of making a quilt is the hand stitching of the binding.

I have done most of the top stitching on this quilt by hand. I love to snugle under it in the evenings while watching the telly. It hasn't been easy to hand stitch due to the size and the fact that the four hounds also like to snuggle under/on top of anything I am working on!

Well I suppose I should mention this is my 100th post and I have been at this blogging business for 1 year now. I was hoping this would be a 'brilliant' post to celebrate this victory, but I fear that post still tangled in my head along with the funk. I'm determined that post 101 will be the post of my dreams and I will have shaken this funk.
Happy Monday! I hope you haven't caught the 2010 funk.......and if you have a cure for it, please let me know!!!!


marigold jam said...

Louise I had checked to see when you had last posted just yesterday as I thought it had been a while and wondered if you were OK. Yes I did suffer from the "funk" soon after Christmas and simply couldn't get going at all. I found that the supportive words from other bloggers helped and knowing that I wasn't alone too. I also joined in with Marmalade Rose's 20 minute challenge to do something anything crafty each day and that also helped - check out her blog if you haven't seen it - there is a link on my sidebar.

There are daffodils in bloom near here and I noticed some primroses poking through in hte garden, the weather is milder and everything is now looking much more hopeful. Time the great healer will work its magic and you WILL feel more motivated and cheery soon I know. Don't stay away too long - posting and getting supportive comments will help. Bon courage!

Love that quilt and the crochet blanket by the way.


The Garden Bell said...

It must be in the air. I'm the same way today. I need sun or light soooooooo bad. I'm calling my day a LEMON DAY... I can't even make lemonade out of this one. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be better.... right???

Cheer up Hugs,