Friday, February 26, 2010

Violet Sunshine

I worked from home today :: yes more snow and gale force winds :: and this little african violet caught my eye as I tapped away on my laptop. I hadn't noticed it had flowered already.

My grandmother kept african violets on the window sill of her dining room. I always remember her dining room to be a place filled with sunshine and it overlooked the tiny garden of her terrace house. It's one of the few memories I have of her home, we only got to see her during the short time we lived in the UK and the occasion we visited on holiday.

I used to talk to her on the phone about once a month and it seemed that every time I called she was always "doing the washing up and a smoking a weed" (woodbine cigarette). I think it was the only time she smoked. :-)

She lived to be 88, loved to watch the "Town" (Ipswich Town) play and was sharp as a tack right up until the last time I spoke to her.

She's been gone will over 10 years now, she was a wonderful Grandma and I smile when I think about her. My african violets will always remind me of her
Happy Friday! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.......

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Too Little Time :: No Self Control

Firstly, is it possible to have too much yarn? Surely not. Only a man could think you could have too much yarn. Well has it happens, I really don't have much excess yarn. Most of it is assigned to projects. The problem is, I have too many yarn projects on the go :-) Shall we take a look at this madness?
1. The birthday blanket - sorely neglected these days, but upon viewing this photo I really do L O V E it.
2. The Mr. VW Ripple - I find it very satisfying how quickly I can complete a row on this beauty.
3. Surprise!!! Yep still got my toes in the knitting pool - just knitting up some scraps for a stripey scarf for Little J.
So three's not so bad is it? Hold on though, had to make quick stop at the shops on the way home tonight - you know, one of those run in run out as fast as you can stops? Get just what you need stops? Yeah right. Of course when referring to the shops in this town you mean Wally World, well because that's about all we have.
So our highly irritating over sized warehouse is in the process of 'remodelling' which has resulted in the removal of their fabric dept :-( Now I know they never sold high quality fabrics, but I did occasionally pick up a pretty piece here and there. Now they is appears they are eliminating their yarn department! They actually had a very good selection of yarns and very low prices and are basically the only place in the area that stocks yarn.
Anyway, to cut a long story short while zipping by the yarn section this evening I just had to rescue some of the last lonely balls of yarn. They're not fancy balls, just cheapo stuff, that once washed in some fabric softener will be super lovely and soft and I think will make a sweet picnic blanket :-)
So we'll call them yarn project #4. Now, I just have to keep them out of sight so I am not tempted to actually start the project before I finish at least one of the others. What do you think the chances of that happening are? Slim or None? Yep, that's what I thought.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

\^^/ Geraniums \^^/

I love my geraniums. Every spring they go out on the verandah and every fall I haul them back inside. I have several of them. Some are almost 12 years old. And you know what I ::L O V E:: most about them? Their beautiful red blooms when they are tucked up in the house and there is still feet of snow outside. My Uncle Martin was the first one to suggest I bring them inside. Having grown up in Australia my Mum had huge bushes of them in the garden, they loved the mild climate. I'd like to think Uncle Martin was a genius for this suggestion (he has quite the green thumb and a wonderful tiny garden that I just adore at his Victorian terrace far across the pond from me), but I am sure someone else had the same idea. :-) Thank you Uncle Martin!!!

So while admiring my lovely geraniums (they make me smile) my stripey chairs caught my eye. Adorned in crochet. I quick spin around the room and I realize, I have crochet everywhere! But I love it and it makes me happy. Like my geraniums. :: H A P P Y ::

One more thing to make me smile tonight --- this year's EGG --- :-) Every year Little J makes a lovely ceramic egg at school. This year's beauty is on the far left. I L O V E his eggs. He calls this one the "gold" one (it's very rare you know and a real treasure, worth millions). I've commissioned him to make me a blue one next year :-)

So after a long boring day at the office, it has been nice to come home and smile. I hope something catches your eye today and makes you smile.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

:: $2.00 ::

We only have one thrift store in our town. I go there occasionally, but only because I have never been lucky enough to find any treasures. I think because we live in an area where the average income is relatively low, it's usually quite a busy place with very little inventory. But today I felt like I struck gold! I have been in need of a spice rack for sometime as my poor spices live in utter chaos in my cupboard - almost as chaotic as the ideas in my head :-) Now I've given it a good cleaning with some orange oil and it's come up quite lovely (sorry you know me, no patience for a before photo), but maybe I'll consider painting it down the road. I think it would lovely in a nice shade of duck egg blue.

Nothing is more enjoyable than finding the perfect treasure for $2 - fits right in with my budget :-)
Now I must be off, I think I hear my sewing machine calling.....
Happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday Making

Hello! Thank you for stopping by today. My apologies if I may seem a little looney out of sorts today, but Little J has not been to school since the 4th of February and I could use some sanity! Now yesterday was a holiday and today was supposed to be a make up (for snow) half day, but school was cancelled again - no prizes for guessing why! So yesterday, after moping around all morning and sick at the sight of more snow, I finally settled into some sewing. Some of that not planned, make it up as you go sewing. For once, I am pleased with the results.

The bag might actually be one I am pleased with and will actually use :-)

Today I had hoped to venture out of the house, but the sight of the massive snow banks squashed my hopes of freedom. As I am relatively "new" to the world of driving (almost 1 year with a license) and as we have no off street parking, I was terrified I would leave and then not be able to squeeze my car back in between the snow piles! Big chicken, I know. Normally Mr. VW will come to my rescue when parking is a problem. Must work on this, because one can only stay sane for so long after being stuck in the house for days on end with a restless 8 year old!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have been admiring many many ripple blankets being created by folks around bloggerville.
Whilst I have been enjoying looking and the lovely blankets created by clever folks, I have been furiously creating granny square after granny square, always thinking I could never do a ripple pattern. On two or three occasions I had attempted Lucy's ripple pattern only to give up after these feeble attempts.
On Saturday, we three feet of snow on the ground, I decided to grit my teeth and
give it one more go. There were lots of fits, some foul language and several times I put down my hook in frustration, but I finally got it!!!!
Oh boy do I love the rhythm of the ripple - I am hooked!!!!
The only good thing to come out of 3 feet of snow on the weekend and a blizzard yesterday. And thank you Mr. VW for helping me choose some lovely wool for his blanket.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday ^ Sorry for the Delay

Snow by the foot is extremely stressful! I have worried about everything since this freakin' history making snowfall and haven't been able to settle long enough to post the Sunday photos.
Isn't the sky the most amazing blue? I am convinced it is bluer because of all the white on the ground.

Look how white the snow is? So white in some places it looks blue - if that makes sense?

The view from the Gephart front veranda was magnificent on Sunday - the photo does not do it justice.

Of course still no washing on the line - amazing how the snow clings to the pegs and makes them little balls of snow.

As beautiful as the snow was on Sunday, it's now Tuesday and quite frankly the fascination has completely worn off. I am tired of checking road conditions, checking the status of school and then childcare and then nervously watching for ice on the ride to work. Yes, we made it out on Sunday - just - the roads are treacherous. But the snow can go now........I am done.
But wait - no respite from snow for me - it's now
again today!!!!!!!!! They are calling for another 12 inches. Like we need another 12 inches! My ride home from work - yes it's snowing already - normally takes 8 minutes. Today it took almost an hour and my hands are quite possibly now permanently clenched in tight fists with white knuckles.
Any suggestions on how to make it stop????
White is lovely, but I could sure use some green :-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday - We've Moved.....

Saturday morning we woke to find the snow still falling and upon venturing out onto the front veranda it appeared that during the night we had been relocated to Alaska or Antarctica or perhaps even Siberia in the dead of winter?
The snow was so deep the poor dogs couldn't go out to do their business! Although PigPen with her intense love of snow and failing eyesight try desperately to 'jump' into the snow, only to be buried and quickly rescued.
By the time the snow stopped falling around 3pmish we had just about 30 inches of snow. Saturday involved digging, shovelling, digging and more shovelling to get to the street and then trying to find our cars buried in the snow.
The Bin - lovely eh? Bet you've always wanted to see the Gephart Bin. :-) Gives a good idea of how deep the snow as when we first ventured out on Saturday morning.
There's a footpath under there somewhere....
A little patch outside the back door shovelled for the dogs to do their business - with the snow falling about an inch an hour on Saturday this was an ongoing shovelling process.
So Sunday has brought us glorious sunshine and an unbearably slow internet connection. If I should regain my patience in the next hour or two I'll post the amazing photos from today. Yes more snow, but with the bluest of blue skies.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Snow Snow and More Snow......

Taken today at about 4:30pm. Three hours later we now have almost twice us much! About 9 inches so far......overnight they forecast another 12 inches and then 8 inches more for Saturday!
I love the yellow house across the street - it really stands out in all the white.

No chance of pegging any washing to the line today!
The poor evergreens are bending over to the ground under the weight. I keep going out to knock the snow of so they don't break.
The perfect canvas for snow angels!
I don't recall another year when we have had this much snow. Maryland is now in a state of emergency and I don't recall that happening in over 10 years!
Well I'm off for some evening sledding.....I'm sure I'll have more photos of snow tomorrow :-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flower Collage

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Do you remember back here I had tried in vain to create a collage/mosaic with my photos? Well I recently started using Picasa, which I find super easy to use and it has a really simple collage tool! Don't my flower photos from last year look fantastic???? I was squealing with glee when I hit the publish button to create my first collage. :-) I am certainly going to have fun making more of these.....
Happy Wednesday!