Tuesday, February 23, 2010

\^^/ Geraniums \^^/

I love my geraniums. Every spring they go out on the verandah and every fall I haul them back inside. I have several of them. Some are almost 12 years old. And you know what I ::L O V E:: most about them? Their beautiful red blooms when they are tucked up in the house and there is still feet of snow outside. My Uncle Martin was the first one to suggest I bring them inside. Having grown up in Australia my Mum had huge bushes of them in the garden, they loved the mild climate. I'd like to think Uncle Martin was a genius for this suggestion (he has quite the green thumb and a wonderful tiny garden that I just adore at his Victorian terrace far across the pond from me), but I am sure someone else had the same idea. :-) Thank you Uncle Martin!!!

So while admiring my lovely geraniums (they make me smile) my stripey chairs caught my eye. Adorned in crochet. I quick spin around the room and I realize, I have crochet everywhere! But I love it and it makes me happy. Like my geraniums. :: H A P P Y ::

One more thing to make me smile tonight --- this year's EGG --- :-) Every year Little J makes a lovely ceramic egg at school. This year's beauty is on the far left. I L O V E his eggs. He calls this one the "gold" one (it's very rare you know and a real treasure, worth millions). I've commissioned him to make me a blue one next year :-)

So after a long boring day at the office, it has been nice to come home and smile. I hope something catches your eye today and makes you smile.

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Annalisa said...

Hi Louise,such wonderful geraniums!I also have some geraniums (pelargonium is scentific name)in my garden and in my porch and I love them!
I like the ceramic eggs,their colors are very nice,congrats to Little J.