Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday - We've Moved.....

Saturday morning we woke to find the snow still falling and upon venturing out onto the front veranda it appeared that during the night we had been relocated to Alaska or Antarctica or perhaps even Siberia in the dead of winter?
The snow was so deep the poor dogs couldn't go out to do their business! Although PigPen with her intense love of snow and failing eyesight try desperately to 'jump' into the snow, only to be buried and quickly rescued.
By the time the snow stopped falling around 3pmish we had just about 30 inches of snow. Saturday involved digging, shovelling, digging and more shovelling to get to the street and then trying to find our cars buried in the snow.
The Bin - lovely eh? Bet you've always wanted to see the Gephart Bin. :-) Gives a good idea of how deep the snow as when we first ventured out on Saturday morning.
There's a footpath under there somewhere....
A little patch outside the back door shovelled for the dogs to do their business - with the snow falling about an inch an hour on Saturday this was an ongoing shovelling process.
So Sunday has brought us glorious sunshine and an unbearably slow internet connection. If I should regain my patience in the next hour or two I'll post the amazing photos from today. Yes more snow, but with the bluest of blue skies.


marigold jam said...

Wow! I read in our papers that you had had the worst snowfall for many years (or ever?) but your pictures make it all seem real and not just something we've read about. I do hope you are well stocked up as it doesn't look as though you will be going anywhere for a while. Spring is under there somewhere!


Bubble Fish said...

Oh. My. Goodness!! That is more snow than seems possible over here in the UK.. we get 2 inches and everything grinds to a halt, but THIRTY!? Wow.. very pretty, but I would imagine it's a right pain!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

It almost looks like you can swim through it :) I had a dream that happened here but must have been an inclin of what you were going to wake up to!! Hope it doesnt cause too much trouble there.
Lucy xx