Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Snow Snow and More Snow......

Taken today at about 4:30pm. Three hours later we now have almost twice us much! About 9 inches so far......overnight they forecast another 12 inches and then 8 inches more for Saturday!
I love the yellow house across the street - it really stands out in all the white.

No chance of pegging any washing to the line today!
The poor evergreens are bending over to the ground under the weight. I keep going out to knock the snow of so they don't break.
The perfect canvas for snow angels!
I don't recall another year when we have had this much snow. Maryland is now in a state of emergency and I don't recall that happening in over 10 years!
Well I'm off for some evening sledding.....I'm sure I'll have more photos of snow tomorrow :-)


marigold jam said...

Oh my word! Hope that the snow won't last too long or cause too many problems. We have snow forecast again but I'm hoping the forecast is wrong as I am already in Spring mode and don't want to return to winter again!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Gosh what a lot of snow! We have a little more snow here but it soon melted again, it is a good excuse to stay inside and do some crafting!!!
Lucy xx