Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday ^ Sorry for the Delay

Snow by the foot is extremely stressful! I have worried about everything since this freakin' history making snowfall and haven't been able to settle long enough to post the Sunday photos.
Isn't the sky the most amazing blue? I am convinced it is bluer because of all the white on the ground.

Look how white the snow is? So white in some places it looks blue - if that makes sense?

The view from the Gephart front veranda was magnificent on Sunday - the photo does not do it justice.

Of course still no washing on the line - amazing how the snow clings to the pegs and makes them little balls of snow.

As beautiful as the snow was on Sunday, it's now Tuesday and quite frankly the fascination has completely worn off. I am tired of checking road conditions, checking the status of school and then childcare and then nervously watching for ice on the ride to work. Yes, we made it out on Sunday - just - the roads are treacherous. But the snow can go now........I am done.
But wait - no respite from snow for me - it's now
again today!!!!!!!!! They are calling for another 12 inches. Like we need another 12 inches! My ride home from work - yes it's snowing already - normally takes 8 minutes. Today it took almost an hour and my hands are quite possibly now permanently clenched in tight fists with white knuckles.
Any suggestions on how to make it stop????
White is lovely, but I could sure use some green :-)


marigold jam said...

Oh Louise how I feel for you! Enough is enough isn't it. Do hope it will go soon but gradually otherwise you will have the problem of flooding if it all melts too quickly! It certainly looks amazing though and I love that little snowball on the line!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

You have certainly had alot. It has been on and off here buy it will never get as bad as that!!
Hope its not too bad and finishes soon
Lucy xx

Tabiboo said...

Amazing, a.m.a.z.i.n.g. pictures.

Hope your all warm and safe,

Nina x

Maria said...

Fantastic pictures, helps me to cool down with our high temps and very high humidity.
Spring will be there very, very soon

Annalisa said...

Great pictures, but it must be hard to bear all that snow!This year it "snowed" over sardinian mountains, but we'll never see something like what you have there!
Try to stay warm and cozy,
spring will come soon!
Thank you or stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!