Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crochet Flower Wreath

First things first :: I must wish my oldest Big J a super HUGE congratulations on being accepted to Virginia Tech. Well it brings tears to my eyes to think my first boy will shortly be 18 and then after the summer off to college. I am very proud of him. He is smart, kind and thoughtful and has grown up to be a very fine young man. Big J :: Love U! ♥

Big **sigh** after reading that first bit again.
We've had a lovely weekend, with glorious sunshine and almost warm days - farewell snow piles on my lawn!!! I discovered this lovely crochet flower wreath yesterday made by a very clever lady at this lovely button tree crafts blog from the wonderful Lucy's flower crochet pattern. Isn't it delightful? I squealed when I hung it on the fire place I was so pleased. If you can believe it even Mr. VW commented on it! Shocking eh?
Well I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did.


Around the hook said...

Congrats to big j!!! It s wonderful! What Will he study?

Louise Howe said...

The funniest thing. I too saw the flower wreath yesterday on Ravelry and made a mental note to have a go. Yours looks lovely.

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Congratulations to your son and I hope he has a very successful time at college! Your crocheted wreath is great and very summery!
Best wishes!
Lucy xx

Maria said...

Congrats to your son and to you!!!!
The wreath is such a happy, colourful object. Makes me smile