Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thinking of Summer

The weather here the last few days has been, well quite . . . . . . G L O R I O U S. Almost no coat weather :: bit chilly in the morning, perfect in the afternoon. There is still some lingering snow piles in the garden, which now is grey and disgusting. The roads look just filthy with salt and grit and piles of dirty snow, we need a good rain to wash it away. Which apparently is in the forecast along with flood warnings for the remainder of the week. :-S So good-bye basement, hello indoor swimming pool! Not to worry, our basement is old and originally probably had a dirt floor. I don't cry too much when the water gets in - that's what happens with 100 year old houses.
My goodness I am quite the ramble. Back to the point. I have spent the last couple of evenings pottering around the garden, admiring my daffodils (quietly praying for no more snow) and thinking of summer and the flowers to come.....after a little dig in the old Gephart photo archives, I found these lovelies. A bit of colour inspiration to hold my over till spring finally gets here....

So fingers crossed that spring will arrive and the garden will be filled with flowers....
Happy Friday!


Helsie said...

Here there is a touch of Autumn in the air -just a slight drop in temperatures but it gives us hope of cooler weather. Yor flowers looked lovely and the sight of daffodils always makes me smile.

marigold jam said...

Yes indeed! You have had such a long winter haven't you? I will be posting soon some pics of sringtime in France although I gather they have snow again there now!


The Garden Bell said...

Just look at those colors. Amazing to think we are finally to spring again. Can't wait.
All is still pretty brown here in FL. Nice to see some color from up north

Hugs for a sunny beach today,
Kate - The Garden Bell