Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's Tuesday and I don't really have too much to say. I'm almost afraid to say I am knitting again :-S In fact, I even spent $$ on a pattern!!!! However, before you remember that I DON"T know how to knit, I found these terrific instructions on the Lion Brand website. They can apparently work miracles and teach me to knit. As remarkable as it may sound, I am actually making progress and not just holes in my knitting! It's slow going, I am trying VERY hard not to rush.
Happy Tuesday! Please enjoy these lovely daffs in from the garden and on my fireplace mantle for all day long viewing pleasure.


tinada said...

I have been crocheting for about 15 years(self-taught) I have been trying to teach myself to knit for almost as long, with NO SUCCESS....I have books, pamphlets, even a teach kids to knit booklet-I read a comment on someone's blog that said she couldn't master a certain stitch until she watched it on you tube, then it clicked....down to the basement i went, dragged out the needles, some leftover yarn, and had a seat at the computer...........that was 2 weeks ago!!! so far i have knitted a couple of potholders (each in a different stitch) and I am now working on a baby hat! yeah me! I have a really long way to go, especially with garments but i'm doing it! the moral-try youtube! i'll be looking for a report on your progress

Louise said...

Go Louise!!!! Catching isn't it? Can't wait to see what you do. Enjoy thre lovely daffs while you knit.

marigold jam said...

Glad you are making progress on the knitting - it's like learning to ride a bike and once you get the hang of it you'll be peddaling/clicking away like mad!


Yiota said...

I learned to knit when I was 18. My mother taught me and I liked it a lot. Crocheting seemed to be so hard. This year I decided to learn how to crochet and the internet was a big help. Good luck!
Beautiful flowers!

Around the hook said...

awww good luck with the knitting! Hoping to see soon what you are doing!


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Good luck with your knitting and Happy Easter!
Lucy xx