Friday, April 2, 2010


Little J and I were up and out early today. I took advantage of the school holiday and decided to take the day off work. Our destination today - the thrift store. Still ever hopeful it will yield some treasures. Today we found this lovely yellow bowl. Just perfect for Mr. VW's peanut butter M & Ms - not that they are around very long before they are scoffed up - Mr. VW LOVES them!
Not sure how old this bowl is, maybe 1940's? Sort of resembles my ball jugs. Anyway, I really love it!

Then my favorite treasure discovery! Fabulous buttons! These are just a tiny handful of the plastic box full of buttons (100's of them) I bought for $2.50. I had quite a bit more fun than I should have searching through them and laying out a little rainbow of buttons and finding favorites.

Love this big pink button with it's flowers. Makes me wonder what type of garment it was on?

Love this limey green jelly like one. Looks like a drop of jelly.

Not sure I'll ever have a use for all these buttons, but they'll be fun to search through!
♥ Happy Easter ♥


marigold jam said...

Lucky you - my button tin is getting sadly depleted and I would love to find a box in a charity shop to replenish it. Your pics reminded me of being a child and playing/sorting buttons on a wet afternoon! The bowl looks great too. Happy Easter weekend.

Jane x

Louise said...

Very pretty I love buttons too. Happy Easter!!

Annalisa said...

Lovely post!Those buttons look so spring-y!
:)Reminds me of good days (gone, sigh!) when I was much younger.
I wish you and yours a Happy and lovely Easter,