Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny

With help from these instructions, inspiration from Louise and determination inspired by Jane, the Easter Bunny arrived at our house late last night!
I might note she was a little shocked to see the state of the house - little housework and family tendering has taken place since I received her instructions last Monday. ☺

It's shocking what you can learn from the Internet, doubly shocking that I had the determination and stick-with-it-ness to actually finish this project! Of course I had the basics of knitting, casting on/off, knit and perl. Once long ago I knitted a cardigan - well I knitted the basic stitches, my poor patient Mum knitted all the tricky bits.

I might try to knit something else now I think I can read a pattern, although I still prefer my crochet.
P.S. - Save yourself the horror, don't zoom in on these photos ☺ still haven't perfected knitting just yet.
♥ H A P P Y E A S T E R ♥


Louise said...

Yay Louise!!!! a fantastic bunny well done and thankyou for the mention. I feel like a celeb!! Do you think that the pattern was really easy or that you and I must be blooming geniuses? My mum is making one now.They are soooo gorgeous. Happy Easter flower, keep on doing, weather it be hook or straight.♥

marigold jam said...

Brilliant - thanks for the mention though not sure how I helped! If you can master the bunny you can call yourself a knitter and there'll be no stopping you!

Jane x

Tabiboo said...

Happy Easter to all and such an adorable bunny. Nxx

Inca said...

She is certainly the cutest bunny I have seen for a long time,our youngest is rabbit mad,as has loved Easter being surrounded by them!Happy Easter to you and your lovely family,Beckyx