Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Weekend

We've just walked in the door from an exhausting, but enjoyable weekend down at the In Laws summer house - I've mentioned it a couple of times before. It's been sadly neglected for 15 years and in need of some serious love. So while Mr. VW shared his love with a home filled with many summer childhood memories, Little J enjoyed some beach time and I engaged in many hours expanding my bum while enjoying the views! ☺ As mentioned earlier, we just walked in the door and quite frankly I am knackered! So I will leave you with just images - brain to tired to think of more words.

Happy Monday - Wishing you a lovely week!


marigold jam said...

Looks a lovely -place Louise - glad you had some me-time to enjoy it all. Hope that after a good night's sleep you are feeling refreshed and no longer tired?

Jane x

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

It looks as though you have had a super weekend. Your photos look very peaceful and pretty.
Lucy xx

Jessie At Home! said...

Looks like much fun was had. Hope your week is going well.