Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ups vs Down

Few challenges at the Gephart this week - ups vs downs is how I like to look at it. You know I having been thinking lately that there is a trend starting with my life that when something good happens, something bads right around the corner. So let's see how the sides are playing this week. We'll start with the bad news:
On the Down Side-
One rather old, but lovely blue car (aka the Mummymobile) NOT running :-(
One Mummy voice now raspy and barely audible (hopeless for corralling small child back into the house at a decent hour) :-(
One camera now broken after dropping on floor the minute I downloaded my photos :-(
On the Upside (we'll go with a visual here for best effect)
Delicious strawberries, which you may remember from here - four short days ago! YUM! They were gone in under 60 seconds.
Three beautiful pink peonies, which you may also remember from here! They smell just delightful and are the brightness pink ever - the picture doesn't do the colour justice.
Amazing what mother nature can do in four short days.....and wonderful how these two small items could brighten my rather grey day.
Of course the saddest thing about my beloved blue car not running is the frustration that I am not able to drive either one of our other two cars! Mr.VW's shiny new black car and the lovely, although somewhat rusty 73 VW Bug. Why might you ask? Well being a driver of barely 12 months I only know how to drive a simple automatic. Both our other cars are manual transmission. :-S
So the goal for this weekend, learn the clutch, gear shifty drivey technique! Thank goodness for long three day weekends..... :-)
Wish me luck! (Or better yet, wish Mr. VW all the patience in the world, 'cause the poor mans gonna need it!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Change of Direction.....

Since I screwed up my first online yarn order, I was R E A L L Y struggling with randomness of the colour combinations for each square in my birthday blanket. Well to be honest, I struggled before the yarn screw up. I don't do random very well, I like order - well when it comes to patterns, however the state of the sewing room would make you think I enjoy chaos heaven. So choosing colours was becoming quite stressful and I wasn't enjoying my time with this blanket. So I have changed directions.
Just a border of small one colour squares around the edge. Not sure if I am loving it, but it sure has take the pressure off when it comes to deciding on colours!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Stitiching

I have long admired this gorgeous bag made by the lovely Louise, so I thought i would try my own little version. Unfortunately I don't love it - mine that is. Like it yes, love no. Louise's is W A Y better, her flowers are amazing. Still another useful bag for stashing yarn projects.
Thank you for the inspiration Louise!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Peas & Beans

I know. I didn't last very long on the 'blog more frequently' wagon as it has been more than a week since my last post. I can't explain my absence from blogging. I think I am suffering from computer cr@pitis or pure laziness. Oh well. :-S
The weather here has been wet, wet and more wet, making things pretty miserable on the 'going outside' front. However, today I refused to the weather deter me and I surprised myself by actually finding some pleasure creating little teepee's for my peas and beans. Pathetic aren't I?

I also discovered an amazing number of strawberries that have hung on by a thread these last two years.
After which took a short jaunt around the garden to check out the wet going on's in the flower department. Still early for the flower department in this neck of the woods, but the pansies that survived from last year (how they do that after the feet of snow we had I do not know) look amazing.
Four solitary peony buds. I moved my four peony plants four years ago (apparently 4 is the number today) and last year for the first time since I moved them I got one flower. Just one. These year there are four - unfortunately all on the same plant! I read somewhere it takes five years after you move them before they bloom? Fingers crossed for next year.
Oh and the little quilt from my last post? Still waiting to be finished......sigh......but my crochet production has been up!
Happy weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Quilting

Hello! Back again......two days in a row! Bit of a shock 'eh?

I love quilting. I find the cutting, piecing, sewing, sandwiching and top stitching very rewarding.
However, I find making large usable quilts very time consuming which means the finished result can take days, weeks, months...... It may come as a shock for some of you to hear I have very little patience. In fact, when it comes to crafting it's almost non existent. I think I skipped the queue when they were handing out creative patience.
So how do I cope without such a vital tool in the quilting process? I mostly engage in little quilting. :-) It's super fast and I get quick results and my patience is rarely tested. Putting together these little splashes of colour makes my heart sing.
I have several of them dotted around the house and although they aren't particularly brilliant, they bring me great joy. Simple little splashes of colour put together in just a day or two. Nothing particularly intricate, just simple designs from my head or this little book.
I started this little quilt last night. Just some tiny one inch squares from my scrap basket - yes I keep every tiny scrap of fabric no matter how small. Mr. VW thinks i am crazy to save every tiny bit, but it just means this little quilt cost me next to nothing, but will bring me priceless satisfaction. :-) It's not finished yet, hopefully tomorrow it will be done for a little reveal. Maybe I'll even be motivated to show you some of my other little quilts.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I still can't catch time. I love the warmer weather and longer days, but it seems I have less time to blog and read blogs. My evenings are spent watching Little J and his buddies race around the garden, ride their bikes at frightening speeds along the bumpy footpath and trying not to rush through homework before bath and bed each night. I enjoy watching him having fun, laughing and playing after a long winter locked up in the house. I enjoy relaxing on the front verandah working on my birthday blankie and couple of other little projects whilst keeping half an eye on him.
But before i know it, it's 9pm and I'm exhausted. There seems to be no quiet time for a little laptop web surfing. I try to sneak in a few quick minutes of blog catching up while I am taking a break at work, but really it's a bit of a no-no and obviously I can't post or load photos. In addition, my little laptop at home is suffering from some sort of 'slow poke' lurgy and the camera is on the 'blink'.
So, I need a plan to fix this. I miss my blog, my little diary of progress. I need to make more effort to keep the camera handy (I often find great camera opportunities, but the camera is always a little too far out of reach) and be a little more patient with my laptop - it doesn't not enjoy my click - click - click - click - click without a breath in between. This has really deterred me from blogging as it has been taking so darn long. So I believe that my plan is :: patience :: oh and to get off my expanding bum to find the camera!
On the bright side, my birthday blankie is making some progress. I ordered some more yarn online. My first time buying yarn online. Must remember to keep dye lots or the colour names of yarn so when the need to order more is necessary, I actually order the right colour. Yes I ordered 7 new lovely balls of yarn and only got two of the colours right. Well done me. Imagine my disappointment when my package arrived (very few packages are delivered to the Gephart) and all but two of the colours were wrong! Such a ding-a-ling I am. Oh well, I refused to let it get me down. The more colours the merrier!
So there we have it. A little life at the Gephart update. Phew! I feel so much better after this little post. My blogger blues are gone!
Happy Thursday day folks!
Note to Little Laptop - Thank you little laptop for working like a little speedmiester to load my photos. I will try to use you daily again. Perhaps you were just missing me???

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Away from me......

I am convinced as the days get longer, time gets away from me more and more. Seems like there are never enough hours! Again, another project finished a week ago and I am now only just posting about it! You may remember this project way back in March, when I was trying to convince Mr. VW of the upcoming world blanket shortage? (You know, I should change my blog name to "Never Enough Blankets"), I L O V E D making this blanket! There was something really exciting about crocheting on the diagonal and watching the rows get longer and longer, then shorter and shorter. It was loads of fun. The edge turned out a bit wobbly wavey, I think it needed just two doubles in each space instead of three.

So if you're looking for a new crochet blanket project, I highly recommend the diagonal. This pattern is a keeper.
Happy Thursday! I promise to try and stop by here more often.