Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Quilting

Hello! Back again......two days in a row! Bit of a shock 'eh?

I love quilting. I find the cutting, piecing, sewing, sandwiching and top stitching very rewarding.
However, I find making large usable quilts very time consuming which means the finished result can take days, weeks, months...... It may come as a shock for some of you to hear I have very little patience. In fact, when it comes to crafting it's almost non existent. I think I skipped the queue when they were handing out creative patience.
So how do I cope without such a vital tool in the quilting process? I mostly engage in little quilting. :-) It's super fast and I get quick results and my patience is rarely tested. Putting together these little splashes of colour makes my heart sing.
I have several of them dotted around the house and although they aren't particularly brilliant, they bring me great joy. Simple little splashes of colour put together in just a day or two. Nothing particularly intricate, just simple designs from my head or this little book.
I started this little quilt last night. Just some tiny one inch squares from my scrap basket - yes I keep every tiny scrap of fabric no matter how small. Mr. VW thinks i am crazy to save every tiny bit, but it just means this little quilt cost me next to nothing, but will bring me priceless satisfaction. :-) It's not finished yet, hopefully tomorrow it will be done for a little reveal. Maybe I'll even be motivated to show you some of my other little quilts.
Happy Friday!


Helsie said...

Finish a quilt in a day or two ? I've been going on mine for over a year now but with any luck it will be finished soon !!!

Jessie At Home! said...

Very Pretty!! One day I want to get one of those quilting machines. Give me a few years to buy a house, then you bet I will be picking your brain about quilting! You always make very beautiful creations.

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, Louise!

Louise said...

Lovely quilting. I'm very envious. I do a bit but its the finishing that stops me. As for the warren, I understand. I had to give up but my Mum has taken up the challenge. She has don bill (the boy) and a very girlie one with crown and tutu. Just lovely!!