Saturday, May 22, 2010

Peas & Beans

I know. I didn't last very long on the 'blog more frequently' wagon as it has been more than a week since my last post. I can't explain my absence from blogging. I think I am suffering from computer cr@pitis or pure laziness. Oh well. :-S
The weather here has been wet, wet and more wet, making things pretty miserable on the 'going outside' front. However, today I refused to the weather deter me and I surprised myself by actually finding some pleasure creating little teepee's for my peas and beans. Pathetic aren't I?

I also discovered an amazing number of strawberries that have hung on by a thread these last two years.
After which took a short jaunt around the garden to check out the wet going on's in the flower department. Still early for the flower department in this neck of the woods, but the pansies that survived from last year (how they do that after the feet of snow we had I do not know) look amazing.
Four solitary peony buds. I moved my four peony plants four years ago (apparently 4 is the number today) and last year for the first time since I moved them I got one flower. Just one. These year there are four - unfortunately all on the same plant! I read somewhere it takes five years after you move them before they bloom? Fingers crossed for next year.
Oh and the little quilt from my last post? Still waiting to be finished......sigh......but my crochet production has been up!
Happy weekend!


marigold jam said...

Good to hear from you and sorry to learn you are having wet wet wet especially as we are in the midst of summer this weekend and had the highest temperatures this year yesterday with blue skies and sunshine - pity we can't e-mail you some of it!

Jane x

Louise said...

I love the bean teepee too. very creative you should market that. Everything looks so lush. It is true we are hving a heatwave here but you know the uk it wont last.