Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ups vs Down

Few challenges at the Gephart this week - ups vs downs is how I like to look at it. You know I having been thinking lately that there is a trend starting with my life that when something good happens, something bads right around the corner. So let's see how the sides are playing this week. We'll start with the bad news:
On the Down Side-
One rather old, but lovely blue car (aka the Mummymobile) NOT running :-(
One Mummy voice now raspy and barely audible (hopeless for corralling small child back into the house at a decent hour) :-(
One camera now broken after dropping on floor the minute I downloaded my photos :-(
On the Upside (we'll go with a visual here for best effect)
Delicious strawberries, which you may remember from here - four short days ago! YUM! They were gone in under 60 seconds.
Three beautiful pink peonies, which you may also remember from here! They smell just delightful and are the brightness pink ever - the picture doesn't do the colour justice.
Amazing what mother nature can do in four short days.....and wonderful how these two small items could brighten my rather grey day.
Of course the saddest thing about my beloved blue car not running is the frustration that I am not able to drive either one of our other two cars! Mr.VW's shiny new black car and the lovely, although somewhat rusty 73 VW Bug. Why might you ask? Well being a driver of barely 12 months I only know how to drive a simple automatic. Both our other cars are manual transmission. :-S
So the goal for this weekend, learn the clutch, gear shifty drivey technique! Thank goodness for long three day weekends..... :-)
Wish me luck! (Or better yet, wish Mr. VW all the patience in the world, 'cause the poor mans gonna need it!)


Louise said...

I'm with you there Louise, just when you think its all going swimmingly (for once) a sack load of c**p descends. Good luck with the stick shift as I know you call it over there. The prospect of being cooped up at home might be the incentive you need to get going!!! Were 3 day weekend too. I m hoping for sun so I cn grden.

marigold jam said...

Good luck with the driving lessons and hope they won't result in divorce!! Hope the sore throat will soon disappear at least you can't shout at Mr VW either! And hope there is something that can be done re the camera as we'll miss your lovely photos! The up sides are lovely - concentrate on those!