Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I still can't catch time. I love the warmer weather and longer days, but it seems I have less time to blog and read blogs. My evenings are spent watching Little J and his buddies race around the garden, ride their bikes at frightening speeds along the bumpy footpath and trying not to rush through homework before bath and bed each night. I enjoy watching him having fun, laughing and playing after a long winter locked up in the house. I enjoy relaxing on the front verandah working on my birthday blankie and couple of other little projects whilst keeping half an eye on him.
But before i know it, it's 9pm and I'm exhausted. There seems to be no quiet time for a little laptop web surfing. I try to sneak in a few quick minutes of blog catching up while I am taking a break at work, but really it's a bit of a no-no and obviously I can't post or load photos. In addition, my little laptop at home is suffering from some sort of 'slow poke' lurgy and the camera is on the 'blink'.
So, I need a plan to fix this. I miss my blog, my little diary of progress. I need to make more effort to keep the camera handy (I often find great camera opportunities, but the camera is always a little too far out of reach) and be a little more patient with my laptop - it doesn't not enjoy my click - click - click - click - click without a breath in between. This has really deterred me from blogging as it has been taking so darn long. So I believe that my plan is :: patience :: oh and to get off my expanding bum to find the camera!
On the bright side, my birthday blankie is making some progress. I ordered some more yarn online. My first time buying yarn online. Must remember to keep dye lots or the colour names of yarn so when the need to order more is necessary, I actually order the right colour. Yes I ordered 7 new lovely balls of yarn and only got two of the colours right. Well done me. Imagine my disappointment when my package arrived (very few packages are delivered to the Gephart) and all but two of the colours were wrong! Such a ding-a-ling I am. Oh well, I refused to let it get me down. The more colours the merrier!
So there we have it. A little life at the Gephart update. Phew! I feel so much better after this little post. My blogger blues are gone!
Happy Thursday day folks!
Note to Little Laptop - Thank you little laptop for working like a little speedmiester to load my photos. I will try to use you daily again. Perhaps you were just missing me???


Maria said...

Your blanket is coming along so nicely. More yarn never goes astray, there is always a project lurking

The Garden Bell said...

This is going to ROCK when it's done. Love the yummie grape and sage and cotton candy pink colors. Keep going you will get there. These grannie seem to take so much longer than the simple ripples, but are well worth it when done.

I totally get the picking up the camera and taking it with you. I so, forget mine at time and know I missed a fun shot for my blog.

Have a relaxing evening,
Kate - TGB

Helsie said...

I know how time can get away from you especially when you have those loooooong days in the Northern Hemisphere. They make me tired as I never know what time it is and tend to want to wait for darkness to fall to do all those inside things!
The blanket is very pretty. I am to attend a Learn to Crochet class in June and can't wait though we really have little need of those lovely blankets. I am eagre to make one anyway and once I have it I'm sure I'll find plenty of uses for it.
Keep up the blogging. It's nice to hear what's happening in your part of the world.

marigold jam said...

Good to hear from you and to know all is well chez Gephart! I do so understand the lack of time etc for blogging and reading posts and so on. There are just never enough hours in the day and I am sure somewhere along the line they have been reduced from the usual 24 as have the days in a week!! That blanket is lovely - beautiful colours.