Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Experiment

Yesterday evening we had to pop down to the Amtrak Station to collect Middle J from the train. I always find meeting the train somewhat exciting! Often I dream about taking a trip on this particular train - The Capitol Limited - sounds very impressive doesn't it? Maybe the overnight train in a lovely sleeper cabin to the windy city, Chicago! Sadly, I haven't even been to Washington DC on it yet. :-S
Anyway, Mr VW and Little J, being the boys that they are, thought they would do a little experiment.
Hang on what's this on the tracks????
A little copper coin???? Hold on is that a train I see coming????That is one mighty big train! Quite imposing to stand in front of both engines, you can feel the ground move.
What has happen to Mr. Lincoln????
Flat as a Pancake......
Please Note: Realistically and the more I think back about it, this is an EXTREMELY dangerous activity to partake in. I hang on to Little J for dear life until that train has gone, because you do quite simply stand right next to the tracks as it pulls in!


marigold jam said...

Your train station looks so different from ours with the platforms being level with the rails - ours are much higher so putting a penny on the line would be difficult at the station! I hope your boys never try to do this whilst you are not there to make sure they step bak in time those huge American trains are quite scary!! Hope your son got home safely and was glad to be back?

Jane x

Louise said...

Cool. I remember doing that with steam trains back in the 70's and no I am not methusala, we celebrated 100? years since the first ever passenger train between Darlington (where I'm from)and Stockton. It looks quite romantic. I love train travel but rarely get the chance.

Felicity said...

i always dream of going on the orient express and just spend hours whizzing through lovely views reading and sewing and sipping nice drinks! fliss xx