Monday, June 7, 2010


Yesterday, besides being Mr. VW and my fifteenth wedding anniversary, I discovered two things.
1. Although not feeling well enough to go out and celebrate our happy day, I was able to pick up my hook and do a little crochet. The weekend prior my MIL had given me the mother load of knitting needles (I will never have to buy another knitting needle so long as I live - every type size, shape and colour ever made), some rather groovy knitting and crochet patterns (imagine granny square vest - for a man!!) and some lovely yarn. Three scrumptious balls of REAL wool in a deep purple and 12 balls of interesting "Luster Sheen" in teal. Not really yarn, sort of string/cottony stuff that she was making a cardigan with??? It's not my style, so I thought I would make her a little scarf as a thank you and to have a portable on the go crochet project - the balls are like little yarn balls in minature.
2. Getting off track here - the second thing I discovered - cameras don't work without batteries. As some sort of weird coincidence on the day I dropped and thought I broke the camera, in the few minutes between me dropping it and then trying to turn it on, it appears some small 8 year old fingers pinched the batteries for the video game controller!!!! I had nearly convinced Mr. VW to buy me a new one. Boy did I feel like an idiot when he jokingly asked if it needed new batteries! Thank goodness for 15 years of learning to tolerate my absent mindedness. Although disappointed I didn't get to buy the camera I had selected (it was almost the same shade of purple as the yarn) I am pleased to have saved a few dollars and saved the agony of learning new camera instructions.
The first photo taken, a lovely 'happy anniversary/don't kill me for stealing your batteries' flower from a very light fingered boy.

So blogging should be back on track now (knock on wood). Thank you for leaving all your lovely words of encouragement and continuing to swing by for my recent lack of posts.

Happy Tuesday!


crochethealingandraymond said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! What a milestone, I hope you have some lovely celebration...
As for the batteries... surely thats a common mistake!!! it's either the batteries or the memory card!
Have a lovely week

Louise said...

Congratulations Louise. I thought that I'd broken the bread machine until I realised that it wasn't even plugged in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marigold jam said...

Happy anniversary! Glad the camera is still working - it happens to us all at some point so don't beat yourself up!! Those photos are great. Hope you will be feeling 100% soon.


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Happy 15th wedding anniversary! The turquoise wool is such a pretty, happy colour! Hope you feel better soon.
Lucy xx

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Happy Anniversary! 15 years Woo Hoo!! LOL about the batteries :-)

Denise said...

Hello, I found you via Lucy's blog. Hoep you are feeling better now :-)