Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking Back....

Since graduation on Friday, I have been thinking alot about home - Australia that is. I try to always remember where I came from, stay in touch with the happens back home and to share my heritage with my boys. Yes, I still call Australia home after almost 20 years and still have bouts of homesickness. Although, I have to admit that on the rare occasion I get to go home, I feel like a foreigner! The country has changed so much and so has my family. My Mum is no longer with us and my Dad is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's, so it has a very different feeling for me now.
So today when I was piddling around with Picasa, I discovered this photo and it made me smile. I believe this was the third bed size quilt I ever made. It was a request from Big J and he painstakingly helped my lay out the pattern for the Union Jack. When it was finished, we were both very proud of it. I am sure it will have pride of place in his dorm room at Virginia Tech.
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Thank you to all those lovely people who visit my blog and for those who leave their words of encouragement. This blogger community really is a wonderful place to be!


sue niven said...

That is such a lovely thing to write! Australia has been my home for over 20 years, nearly 30 years and it always feels right to me! I was born in the U.K. and had never felt like home. and when i have gone back for family events, It feels like i am a tourist, and i think it has always been that way for me.

Maria said...

That is one amazing quilt - love it

Louise said...

That is to die for. More pictures!!!! I want to seee the first and second too!!!!

Helsie said...

I'm so glad you haven't forgotten us and have brought your sons up knowing about their heritage. I think children with a mixed heritage like yours have a somehow richer background to draw on as they go through life.
PS. And what a thoughtful son you have. He knows how to touch his mother's heart!

marigold jam said...

Brilliant quilt which will serve as a reminder of home to your son I am sure. I visit an old lady as a volunteer and she came to UK aged 20 over 60 years ago but still thinks of Italy as home!! I guess we all have our roots and some of us transplant more readily than others I know I was very homesick during our time in France and I gather my sister-in-law who lives in Melbourne still even after 40 years gets occasional bouts of homesickness. Your boys are lucky to have a mixed heritage as Helsie says.

Jane x

Around the hook said...

I loved reading your post, im actually planning to study in Sweden now as you maybe recall I'm half Swedish and have always felt swede and not Swiss even thow I've always lived in Switzerland. If the project goes threw I'll have to make the 'swedish feeling' practical and work myself threw my 'swedish feelings' and at the same time my tourist status.

So thank you for the post it felt good Reading it.