Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Past Projects - A Birthday Quilt

Last week, when I posted about this quilt, the lovely Louise asked about my earlier quilt projects. So when this quilt miraculously surfaced (it rarely leaves the bed and visits to the washing machine are far too few) I thought I had better grab a quick snap.
This is my second large quilt and was made pre-blog days, so no photo till now.
It's quite a good size, plenty big enough for a single bed, probably covers a double bed with out any hang over.
Quite a bit of hand stitching too, my favorite part of quilting - along with hand stitching the binding.
Obviously not my colour choices and a very simple pattern, but perfect for a teenage birthday boy.
As much as Middle J refuses to let it leave his bed, I think it's fairly safe to say he likes it a little bit.......


Louise said...

Its wonderful!I suspect he loves his mum and thats why he wont be parted from it. I have had to make a union jack since I saw your flag quilt!!!Cheers for the link. Keep going I'm hooked.

marigold jam said...

Gosh I am amazed at how neat your hand stitching is. Wish I had your skill in quilting! I can see why your boy loves his quilt.


Felicity said...

its lovely i bet it will always be treasured! fliss xxx

Crochet with Raymond said...

the skulls are so cool! Very groovy patchwork! Oh, and the train activity... very dnagerous, but a very treasured memory for your wee boy! He'll probably do that with his grandkids!