Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please Sir, Could We Have Some Rain?

It's been hotter than the Sahara here the last few days. So hot in fact I have relented to turning on the airconditioner (no fancy central air, just the clunky kind in the window). I even left it on while I was at work today, worry the dogs would be hot as they said the heat index would surpass 100F (and it did). So if you could spare a few drops of rain to send our way it would be greatly appreciated! The flowers enjoy the heat, but only because I have been lugging buckets of water from Little J's pool to water them with, rather than turning on the hose.
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Happy Thursday folks!
PS - Thank you for the lovely comments on my flag quilt ♥ One day I'll drag out some of the ones I haven't blogged about to share.


The Garden Bell said...

We are having waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much here. Big storms moving through again. I would be happy to send you some.


marigold jam said...

Sorry we haven't any rain here at the moment (Yes I know it is England and we are normally supposed to be wet all the time!) though luckily it isn't as hot as you have it either. That flower mosaic is fabulous.


Annalisa said...

Wonderful mosaic and wonderful here it's sunny and pretty warm, although we've had storms here for over 2 weeks, too bad!