Friday, July 2, 2010

A Evening Ritual

We are still patiently waiting for some rain in our neck of the woods. The temperatures had cooled off a bit, but they are set to soar this weekend :-S So each evening my neighbor and I can be found watering and tending to our fading plants and vegetables. I don't particularly enjoying watering, I worry so much about how much water I am using, but I have found that spending this much time in contact with my plants that I get to see so many changes from one day to the next. We have both watched in awe as her newly planted gladiolus have bloomed. I was amazed to see the reflection of the water drops on them.
So I must run folks and tend to my watering chores this evening. We are off for a little jaunt this weekend, so they need a good soak to hold them over till Monday.
To my friends on this side of the pond or to anyone who celebrates this holiday weekend, Happy 4th of July!!!!!


marigold jam said...

Lovely pic Louise. Hope you get some rain soon and that you enjoy your weekend jaunt. I remember being in US and watching the fireworks one 4 July way back in the late 70s!


Louise said...

I love the evening watering session. A good weekend to you.