Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cooling Off

We took a little ride out to the lake this evening in an attempt to cool off a bit (I promise not to go on about the heat again - did I mention it's still blistering hot with 110% humidity????)
The lake looked very inviting, somewhat green, but cool and welcoming.  The sky however had some rather intense gray haze about it.  The air was so thick it felt like you had to push your way through it.

I had barely sat down, when the sky starting to change.....looking a bit grim!  Although rather cool and quite amazing looking.
We could see the storm  approaching, but still optimistic it would pass us by.  Little J and Big J were well into the water and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  My seat with a view was barely warm.

Then, the water was suddenly cleared of swimmers, sans J & J and I realized it was time to hot foot it back to the car.  We barely made it there before huge drops of rain were smacking on the windshield.  After 15 minutes in a hot sweaty car, we decided to head cooling off for us this evening.  The storm lasted about another hour, serious thunder and lightening, which I love. I was disappointed our trip to the lake was brief, but thrilled that I didn't have to lug the hose around the garden watering my thirsty plants.
And you'll never guess who accompanied us to the was that little distraction .....

Not quite ready for it's big reveal.

Still waiting for it's finishing touches....hopefully time will permit for those to happen tomorrow.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!  Happy Thursday :-)


marigold jam said...

Sorry your trip to the lake was curtailed! I well remember visiting your neck of the woods and the heat and humidity were unbearable - I was all for getting the next plane home at one point!! The storms can be amazing too and those photos of the skies brought back memories of a tremendous storm we encountered there - I was quite scared and remember thinking "I don't mind dying but not in America" Not sure what difference it would make where one died but ...!

Love your colourful crochet and the lovely flower trim - look forward to seeing the reveal.

Jane x

Posy Linda said...

Hey Louise, I've heard about those temperatures up your way. Its been hotter in Cumberland than here in Florida. Well, at least you didn't have to water the plants yourself. Looking forward to the "reveal."

Crochet with Raymond said...

Hi Louise! the lake looks beautiful... sorry you didn't get a cooling swim!
Ooh... whatever the mandala became, it looks great! Can't wait for the reveal!