Friday, August 13, 2010

Forgive me readers for it has been one week since my last post.  My mini laptop is suffering from a severe case of slowpokedness, the desktop has given up the ghost and the heat (weather) has been killing me.  It has taken seven days for me to be able to face the heat on my legs from Mr. VW's fancy laptop while I lounge in front of the fan.  Oh and convince him I won't cause it irreparable damage with my blogging nonsense.
Today I convinced the J's to leave the safety of the TV/XBox and venture out in to the sunshine for a jaunt to this amusement park.  I was up early and dragged them out of bed before the sun rose too high in the sky only to set off on our journey to find the sun had disappeared and simply because I had decided to don shorts for the day it was actually a tiny bit chilly!!!!  By the time we crossed over the Pennsylvania border, it was clear today was NOT a good day for water slides, swimming pools and amusement rides with temperature at just 66 degrees!!!  Can you believe it?  After weeks, possibly even months of scorching heat and humidity that hasn't even let up at night, the one day I manage to drag them out of the house it's wet, gloomy and chilly!
So what do we do to compensate for this disappointment?  A trip to the video game store for Little J for new DS games, a rather expensive technology purchase for Big J and accessories for Middle J at the phone shop. And of course what does any true yarn-o-holic due when they are in the big smoke?  You guessed it!  Look for yarn suppliers on Big J's fancy new piece of technology to purchase yarn :-).  I mean who can say no to yarn at the big retail store 80 miles from home especially when it is half price???

So to leave you lovely people with something more exciting than photos of my newest yarn stash, take a look at these sunflowers.  Both grown from the same seeds, but in two different locations about 50 feet apart. 

This one I grew in a pot.

This one I gave to my neighbor who planted them in her front garden.

Pretty amazing difference eh?

Well I must be off.  Big J is off to Virginia Tech tomorrow and I have to work on composing myself for his big farewell.....

Happy weekend lovely readers!


Posy Linda said...

Hi Louise: Wow it was 66 degrees. Whew that is chilly. I didn't know Michael's was having a sale....wooo hooo! Can't get over the difference in the sunflowers. Good luck to Big J at Virginia Tech. Be strong Louise...

marigold jam said...

Isn't that always the way?!! Hope you all enjoyed your purchases anyway. It's such a long time since we measured our temperatures in Farenheit that I can't remember what 66 degrees is like will have to find a conversion chart in a minute! Thinkiung of you today saying Au revoir to your son. You'll be glad to have that yarn stash to hand to keep your mind busy!

Jane x

Crochet with Raymond said...

Ooh... what are you going to make with this wool we wonder!
Not surprised you went and bought yourself some new stash goodies!
Love the sunflowers, how funny they are so different... like the 3 J's I guess, same DNA, different souls!

Louise said...

Hi Louise, thanks for being concerned at my absence. Love the blues. Isn't it funny how boys manage to get stuff out of you. All the best to big J for his new exciting venture (call your mother J)and all the best to you, I'll be thinking of you.