Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Morning - Gone to the Dogs

It's a quiet morning here at the Gephart, Mr. VW left at 4:00am to join the Restore Honor Rally in Washington D.C and I have enjoyed some quiet time in front of the telly and pootling around the Internet on my little laptop, whilst snuggled up in my jammies with a cup of tea.  The boys allowed me to enjoy the rare silence, with the youngest not emerging until 9:30am!
The resident Gephart hounds have, as usual, been vying for the best seat in the house - on top of all the pillows on the sofa!  Here is Miss Lucy, our resident Long Hair Daschund enjoying her 'throne'.
 Below her is PigPen, quite pleased to just have a spot on the sofa, she often gets kicked off by the other three.  Pigpen is the oldest of the bunch at 13, the sweetest of them too and much like the mother of the bunch.  She has patience and obedience beyond belief despite her failing eyesight and hearing.
Whilst tip tapping away typing this post, I noticed the other two, yes there are four of them, lined up next to me.  It's quite often the humans at the Gephart have to wrestle the hounds for a spot on the sofa! 

So here we have Sally, fat brown daschund who thinks with her stomach and at 5 years of age has been known to eat Cd's (yes compact discs), bottles of nail polish and her all time favorite, spools of thread.  Linus is our very senile, grouchy old Jack Russell - don't even think about trying to ask him to move so you can sit down!!!!  He's a sweet old thing really, just well OLD. If he's not insisting he sit on your lap, then he'll sit next to you but he MUST be as be right up against you.  He is the reason for the rather ugly spotty blanket on the sofa - he is obsessed with cleaning his paws, much like a cat really.  He  cleans them constantly and creates great big wet patches with his tongue.
So there they are, the Gephart Four - Linus, Lucy, Pigpen and Sally - yes we do have a thing ♥ for Peanuts in this house!
Toodles!  Have a great weekend!


marigold jam said...

Aaaarh!! Lovely Louise.


Louise said...

Cuuuuuute. I want more puppies but DH and T won't let me. Walkies must be fun!!!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Such great photos of your dogs! They look so cute!
Lucy xx