Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sunshine

 Little J and I took advantage of the sunny and slightly cooler weather and his new scooter today and went for lovely walk along this path.  Today we walked away from town,along a section of the path we hadn't been on before.
  Past the old shed.  Little J is fascinated by this shed, I even let him take a sneak peek inside - he assures me it's someones home, probably a hobo (he has a thing about hobos).  Half the roof is collapsed and to me it's rather creepy!

Past the railroad tracks - Little J thinks perhaps the hobo's use the trains to get around?
Sometimes Little J whizzed way ahead of me, encouraging me to run after him and help me chase away those extra pounds!!!!  He assured me not to take offense to this??  None taken I tell him, he's probably right!
Past the trees growing out of the diagonal rock.
And where the path turned and we could no longer see the steeples of town, we turned around.
And headed back into town.
A lovely stroll on a beautiful Sunday with Little J.


Crochet with Raymond said...

What a lovely post! It's so nice to see other countries and what they look like! I love the trees growing out of the diagonal rock!
Glad its a bit cooler for you now... it's getting warmer here... I can feel my winter blues lifting every day! Life is beautiful!
Have a lovely week XXX

Louise said...

I agree with Alice I love to read about local colour. Where you live is beautiful. Thanks for the e-mail I am waaaay too excited about the scarf project!!!! Try not to miss the school returners have a good one. xx

Helsie said...

Looks and sounded lovely and a very nice way to spend Sunday.

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Your Sunday walk looks great! Hope you continue to have a lovely summer!
Lucy xx

Ruth Marie said...

What a beautiful place to live - this is EXACTLY the sort of place I would LOVE to live in in America - just wonderful! x