Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Thrift Store Treasures

I snuck by the local thrift store on the way home this evening.  I  did have some intentions for my visit, but as usual, I found a treasure I wasn't expecting.
 These lovely candle sticks.  Is that even the right name for them?  Middle J corrected me and said the sticks are the candles that actually go in them?  If so, then what do I call them?  Candle holders?  I am pretty sure they are called candle sticks, but please correct me if I am wrong.  ☺
Now this super lovely jug was actually something I was looking for!  I think it is just FAB and I needed a jug to catch my dripping kitchen tap so I could use the water for my patio flowers.  Ok so perhaps I didn't NEED another jug, but how could I pass this up????

Now this lovely jar I was looking for.  I am desperate for sealed storage containers to keep dry goods in and keep the pests out.  This one, according to the label was Made In France and cost me a whopping 99 cents!  And of course I think it's FAB.
In addition, I bought a HUGE bag of lovely soft woolly purple yarn in various shades (about 6 balls) for $2.00. 
So it appears the thrift store that a couple of months ago thought was crap is actually turning out to be a little bit of a treasure trove!

PS excuse crap photos, it was dark by the time I took this pics and couldn't be bother to wait until tomorrow to post.  I really feel like I am neglecting my blog these days.....


Posy Linda said...

Wonderful treasures you found Louise. I like the candlesticks/candleholders. Love design.

Louise said...

Yeh we say sticks too. Your finds are great an autumnal theme mybe? Cheers for the comment btw, I am dryng the chillies by threading them onto sewing cotton and leving them to dry, it takes about 2 weeks apprently.

marigold jam said...

What a haul! Those French jars are called Le Parfait jars and cost about £3 each for small ones here so that's a bargain you got there. If you use them for preserves you need to replace the rings but as storage jars they are great aren't they? You just never know what you can find in a charity shop do you?


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

I wish we had a thrift store near to us! It would be great to buy yarn so cheaply as well!
Lucy xx

Pearly Queen said...

No - you're right - they are candlesticks.