Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Self Taught

Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous? 
This is Sally.
We didn't teach her how to sit up, she figured it out all on her own and she doesn't do it on command
It's her way of saying "Hey you, look at me!"
She does it in the middle of the night on your pillow, when you are sound asleep.
She does it on the very edge of the sofa and consequently falls off.
She does it in the car.
And as you can see, she does it on your lap.
What a nut, is what I say about her.

But isn't she adorable?
Love you Sweet Sally!

P.S.  Don't worry, I don't encourage her to sit on my pillow, in fact I discourage her from getting on the bed.  But she doesn't listen and there isn't much I can do about it in the middle of the night!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Finally, some rain.  I lay in bed for ages this morning trying to figure out if it was raining outside.  Well that and the fact I didn't want to get up.
I ♥ LOVE ♥ Rain!
Unlike the 4 other people I work with, who find it necessary to complain endlessly about everything and today's target was the rain we so badly needed.  On and on they blathered.  Two weeks ago it was the heat, last week it was the impending snow - which obviously isn't in the forecast, but as the weather had cooled down dramatically to them it seemed to be a good topic to complain about.  Thank goodness for Ipods.
Anyway, I am happy for the rain. 
I love it. 
Love the changing seasons. 
Looking forward to the winter.
I enjoy being snuggled up inside in the warm
The cold doesn't bother me.  It's not like I have to trudge eight miles in the cold everyday.
I let them whine and drown them out with Coldplay or something similar.
Curious about that project that was calling me the other day??
It was a speedy one.  Completed in under a day.

Left overs from my last scarf project.
A twirly whirl scarf. It's quite short.  But I like the way it goes around my neck with out any extra long bits flapping around.  And the twirly whirlyness of it all makes it hook together.

It looks quite long in the photo doesn't it?  But its not.  So if you're looking for a quick fix and to use up some left overs, here it is - twirly scarf
Give it a go.
Now back to that rain. 
My garden loves it as much as I do.

I love the water droplets on the plants.

The pansies are very grateful for it, because to be honest, I"m a lazy bum when it comes to watering.  This dry summer has been quite a challenge for my hose avoiding backside.  It's a good thing the plants do well at looking pitiful when they are thirsty, guilting me into watering them.
The wasps are loving it too.  This cheeky bugger refused to move on.  Must be mighty thirsty I think.

Water droplets on the evergreens are my favorites.  It might because I am partial to these evergreens.  I love to see them cover in rain drops or weighted down by the snow.  We didn't have any evergreens where we lived when I was a child, except at Christmas.  Perhaps that's why I like them so much?

Well I must be off.  Little J has gobs of homework.  But more importantly he bought this fantastic paper aeroplane book yesterday, so I must be off to help him build up his squadron of planes!
L x.

PS - Sorry for the short whinge there about my co workers.  My boss is lovely (not included in the 4 count) and the others are generally tolerable most days. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Stitching

Its been a lovely quiet day here at the Gephart.  Glorious sunshine and I have squirreled myself away at the sewing table.  
I've managed to finish my scarf project and it will soon be winging it's way across the pond to the lovely Louise for this project.  I have to say I am VERY excited about sending this off to her - don't you just love the wonderful people you meet in blogland?.  I started this project four times before I was happy with the pattern I was very anxious to ensure it was perfect as it is for such a good cause.  Fingers crossed it doesn't get lost during the passage! 

The pattern for this scarf can be found here.....it's super easy and I found it really enjoyable.  In fact it's the same pattern I used to whip up this blanket.

It's coupon days at our one and only fabric store, so I've been stocking up on flowery buttons and adorable bird fabric.  With 40% off it's impossible to pass up such lovely goodies with out increasing the Gephart National Debt too badly.

And thanks to those 40% off coupons, I've been involved in some secret stitching......which will be revealed in time.

Now with one project completed, I'm off to start another!!!! 

I know, I hear you. 

What about all those others projects you have on the run, missy??? 

Sorry what was that you said? 

Can't hear you, new project calling...


Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

Take care,
Toodles L x

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Views and other things....

Yes I know, another week between posts.  Basically I'm becoming crap at this blog lark.  Each night I go to sleep feeling guilty that I haven't posted all the beautiful things I have seen today.  Afraid they'll slip away and I'll forget them. ^sigh^
So to bore you silly for another post, here are just a couple of things I'm loving right now (beside the usual you know, children, hubby, chocolate etc...)

My lovely scarf project. ♥ Which I had intended to put at this end of this post, however blogger has decided otherwise and I can't be arse farted to try and move the dang thing to the bottom of this post.  Does anyone else struggle to tears when it comes to moving photos around in draft blogger?  I do.

Look Louise, progress ☺

Progress thanks to blogger which took 24 minutes to upload these photos, during which time i hooked three more stripes!

The view from Little J's school. Unfortunately my poor photography skills and the fact that I took this from the car doesn't do it justice. But honestly, if I were Little J and I got to stare at this all day long I wouldn't learn a thing!

We took a little trip to Morgantown, West Virginia this Sunday to go to the big smoke (well bigger than our smoke, smoke) to look a new computers.  The scenery was well worth the hour long drive.

And seeing scenery like this makes me really love where I live.  Of course like many people I dream of living somewhere fantastic, then I see these views and realize that perhaps I already do!!!

The two photos were taken from the car as we whizzed along the highway.  I was quite surprised how well they turned out.
Now this view below is from our WalMart!  If you can believe it.  Makes going to WalMart less painful some days.  Especially this time of year as the leaves are slowly starting to change.

And now for something completely different.  A little view on my front veranda.
I bought this little item many many years ago (10 maybe) at the aforementioned WalMart.  It had some crap painting of flowers on it - you know the kind of flowers that are brown with blue leaves? Sludgy looking and badly done.  Well of course typical me, theres no before photo, so you'll just have to believe me that they were crap.
Anyway, I bought this fantastic wrapping paper for next to nothing and decided it would be perfect for a little bird house makeover.  And I LOVE it!

It still needs another layer of the glue stuff (who's name eludes me and I'm too lazy to go find to see what it's really called - but I'm sure you know what I mean).  The glue stuff that sticks down the bits of paper, makes it a bit shiny and more protected.  Not that it will need protecting on my mantle.
Cute eh?

So there you have it.  Little views that have delighted me this past week. 
Well I'm off. 
I was off to watch my favorite show (Ghosthunters), but I've just realized it's not Wednesday afterall!!! 

Crappity crap crap crap.............

Toodles....L x

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Weather

The weather here the last week has been nothing short of A M A Z I N G.  Beautiful blue blue skies, the occasional white fluffy clouds and mild fall weather.  Still no rain, well we had a thunderstorm on Saturday night, but it was gone as fast as it arrived.  As the summer has been so dry, incredibly dry, almost drought dry, the leaves of the trees are changing fast.  Very early I think for our neck of the woods.  Anyway, I am loving this weather.  Soaking it in each day and trying to enjoy every nano second before the big cold arrives.
I know you probably aren't particularly interested in our new shrubs, but I was pretty ding danged excited to see them on sale at our local home improvement store for the pricely sum of a measly $7.50.  Mr. VW and I have been saving and looking for some perfect hedge shrubs and I think these Japanese holly's will be perfect.  We have lovely neighbors at the moment, but as they are a military family we know they'll move on in a year and we were quite anxious while we had friendly neighbors to define our little patch.  I know this sounds a wee bit territorial, but with a rental house on either side of us we often have some annoying interesting neighbors.
So here they are, freshly planted and here I am beginning the process of documenting their progress.

Isn't this flower amazing?  Just a complete zing zang of colour in the sunshine.  Still a few of these flowers left soaking up the fall weather.
 Isn't that the bluest blue sky?  Almost looks too blue to be true, but it is.  No photoshop magic here.

 Hello, what's this hanging in the fall sunshine?????  A little WIP that will soon be winging it's way across the pond to Louise.  Yep, no need to panic Louise, I've settled on a pattern and it's now increasing in size rapidly.  Fourth times a charm I say! ☺
Helsie commented on my post yesterday that there weren't ,many people on the walking mall.  Well I took those photos midday on a Saturday and it was about as busy as it gets.  It's a lovely mall, but NO ONE goes down there!  Hence shops come and go very quickly.  In this town if tell most people you didn't buy it at WalMart, they tend to raise their eyebrows, tilt their head and give you that look like you've lost your mind.  Shame really, they don't know what they are missing!
Well that's me done for another evening. I'm off to scare the pants off myself watching my favorite show ever - Ghost Hunters!
Toodles.....L x

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday in my Town

Hello!  It's me again and I'd like to show you the little town of  Cumberland Maryland. If you haven't figure out by now, its where I live.  How I got here all the way from Perth Australia is a long story, but to keep you awake, here are the stepping stones I took - Melbourne Australia onto ....
San Diego California across the pond to ....
Mons Belgium then by way of ....
Vienna Virginia. 
It's been almost 20 years since I left home and surprisingly this is the longest I have lived in one place EVER!  I moved at least ten times before I left home 20 years ago, so 14 years is a long time for me.
One of the first things I noticed when we visited this town before moving here was how much the buildings reminded  me of the town in Belgium I used to live in.  I loved Belgium.  So I fell in love with the look of the town - although after living here about a week, I realized I found the buildings inviting, the people not so much!  It's one of those towns where it really helps to belong to a family that has lived here for generations.  New people will be new for a VERY long time.  I'm still considered new and still referred to as "the Australian woman" the second I open my mouth.  Regardless, I love it.  It's relatively safe, dirt cheap to live and the scenery is amazing.  Oh and it helps I have a great job here.  So we'll be staying for a while.

Would you like to take a little look at our downtown walking mall?  I might have mentioned before we have a lovely LYS down there.  Oh that it has a few unsavory interesting residents?  Unfortunately no photos of the yarn shop, but I was fortunate to avoid the Chicken Preacher (a man with a bible in one hand and a chicken in the other who's there almost everyday, I kid you not) and the Sweaty Man (who's pants are never quite high enough in the back and always seems to bend over the second I walk past) and Cowboy Boots (this guy loves to wear his boots with shorts - short shorts that is).  Three very well known residents.

Don't get too excited, just a couple of photos of buildings I don't know much about, but I love their  architecture.

 Look west up the walking mall.

 The Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  Now this is a building I know a tiny piece about - just a tiny piece, but I think it is an impressive piece.  This church was built in 1849 on the remains of Fort Cumberland (built in 1755) and contains the  most amazing original Tiffany Glass windows!  They are just beautiful.
 Little J's favorite store - The Treehouse Top Shop!

Looking east up the walking mall. 

And there you have it - my little place in space.  I hope you enjoyed your little walk around the patch.  I really appreciate you stopping by and would like to thank the lovely people who visit my speck of cyberspace and leave the odd comment or two.  Each and every  one really makes my day!

Happy Wednesday!  Three days till the weekend.................  ☺

PS.  As you can see I've been fiddling around with the new templates in blogger.  Felt like a bit of a change you see, thought it might encourage me  to blog more and my mother always said "Change is as good as a holiday".  So, what do you think?  Old or new?  I'm not so sure this holiday is working out for me.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Skipping By

Just skipping by to say "helllllllloooooo" on this lovely Friday evening.  The weather here the last few days has been glorious!  Lovely cool days and cooler nights, still no rain, but the weather is amazing with it's blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  No photos sorry, my mind has been a bit like a tangled ball of yarn. I have so many ideas going round and round, but they're all tangled up and I am struggling to get them out.  Struggling to stop and work on anyone thing or pick up the camera to document the days.  Of course it doesn't help with  the camera on the blink, but it probably helps the five or six other projects I have going to get some attention!!!
So in addition to vegetable production over the Labor Day weekend, I put to and whipped up some bunting for Little J.  I loved how quickly it came together. No photos of the final product just yet, shortly though once I get Little J's room in a state to accept visitors. ☺

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I feel my mind detangling as we speak (fingers crossed) so hopefully I'll have more to share next week!
Toodles and take care...............
L x

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stratford Hall

Over the Labor Day weekend, we trekked down the mountain 4.5 hours to spend time continuing the work on my IL's neglected summer house.  We've been working on this house for over a year now and quite frankly progress is S L O W  and that is a huge understatement.  Surprisingly it's even slower when they are there - they spend hours and hours discussing, considering, arguing and deciding on what to do next - it's frustrating, but I put it down to their age.  They are both close to 80 and not of complete and sound mind.

Anyhow, enough of that.  On Sunday, my MIL asked me if I would like to take a trip to visit Stratford Hall, the birthplace of Robert E. Lee.  I'll spare you the details of who this famous American is and what he did.  If you're interested I am sure Google can provide you the details.   Those folks on this side of the pond will most certainly know who he is!  To be honest, I wasn't the slightest bit interested in the house because of it's former occupant, but very excited to see such a wonderful old home that was so close by.  Just a ten minute car ride from the summer house, albeit a rather scary car ride as my MIL refused to let me drive and quite frankly, it's about time she hang up her drivers license before she ends up in a ditch.  My knuckles may never see a shade other than white again.

Unfortunately I made the mistake of bribing Little J to join us - BIG mistake!  He was bored silly with the tour of the house and I have to admit our tour guide spoke very fast and with quite a strong accent and even I struggled to understand what she was saying.  My MIL didn't help one bit by adding her own commentary when she was talking...ugh.....  So my camera spent most of the tour in my bag and photos weren't allowed inside the house.  I found this out the hard way after the tour
So enough rambling, here are a few photos of the house and grounds.  I'll let them speak for themselves as I really don't have the details thanks to a whining 8 year old and 78 year old who couldn't stop talking.

  It's a beautiful house, almost fully restored inside.  The grounds were amazing and one fact I do know is that is it still owned by the Lee family or so my MIL told me at least twenty times.
I loved the brick walls, although I don't think they are original,just recreated where they were originally.  If that makes sense? 

I loved the way the bricks were laid to form a pattern. 

This is the photo I took to find out that photos inside the buildings were not permitted!  We arrived a few minutes late for the tour and missed the photography rules.  I guess it was a good thing I was distracted by Little J because I would have been busted taking photos in the main house with the rest of the tour group and that would have been embarrassing!  At least Little J and I had a good giggle taking this photo.

Now remember I said I had to bribe Little J to come with us?  Did you wonder what the bribe was?  Well in addition to handing over a small fortune to spend in the gift shop (which might I add he didn't spend), I told him that we would visit the Sharks Tooth beach again!  Remember, we went to a section of the river last year?  Well that section of the river didn't reveal any teeth and I ended up having to buy them in the gift shop!

I had to steal this photo from last years post - same river, just we were about a mile downstream.  No photos this time!  There was no way my camera was coming out!  My head was firmly facing down searching for sharks teeth!!!  And YES we found some!!!  Little J was over the moon and I was in shock that we actually found these tiny sharks teeth, probably about 1cm across.
Please excuse the crap photo of shark teeth, the camera really has issues and the fact that I refuse to wait till there is daylight to take a photo doesn't help.

So, there you have it.  How I spent my Labor Day weekend - well one day of it anyway. Hope I haven't bored you silly or put you to sleep.

Happy Wednesday folks! 

PS - I LOVE long weekends, especially as they are generally followed by a nice short four day work week!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Long Labor Day Weekend....

....and here are the fruits vegetables of my labor! ☺

The Carrot
The Raddish
I  was planning to write a long post with lovely photos of our Long Labor Day weekend away, with trips to Stratford Hall (birth place of Robert E. Lee), lovely evenings making bonfires and collecting shark teeth on the Potomac River.  However, these did not provide me nearly the excitement that my vegetable creations did!!!!  (patterns courtesy of this book)
Pathetic eh?