Monday, September 27, 2010


Finally, some rain.  I lay in bed for ages this morning trying to figure out if it was raining outside.  Well that and the fact I didn't want to get up.
I ♥ LOVE ♥ Rain!
Unlike the 4 other people I work with, who find it necessary to complain endlessly about everything and today's target was the rain we so badly needed.  On and on they blathered.  Two weeks ago it was the heat, last week it was the impending snow - which obviously isn't in the forecast, but as the weather had cooled down dramatically to them it seemed to be a good topic to complain about.  Thank goodness for Ipods.
Anyway, I am happy for the rain. 
I love it. 
Love the changing seasons. 
Looking forward to the winter.
I enjoy being snuggled up inside in the warm
The cold doesn't bother me.  It's not like I have to trudge eight miles in the cold everyday.
I let them whine and drown them out with Coldplay or something similar.
Curious about that project that was calling me the other day??
It was a speedy one.  Completed in under a day.

Left overs from my last scarf project.
A twirly whirl scarf. It's quite short.  But I like the way it goes around my neck with out any extra long bits flapping around.  And the twirly whirlyness of it all makes it hook together.

It looks quite long in the photo doesn't it?  But its not.  So if you're looking for a quick fix and to use up some left overs, here it is - twirly scarf
Give it a go.
Now back to that rain. 
My garden loves it as much as I do.

I love the water droplets on the plants.

The pansies are very grateful for it, because to be honest, I"m a lazy bum when it comes to watering.  This dry summer has been quite a challenge for my hose avoiding backside.  It's a good thing the plants do well at looking pitiful when they are thirsty, guilting me into watering them.
The wasps are loving it too.  This cheeky bugger refused to move on.  Must be mighty thirsty I think.

Water droplets on the evergreens are my favorites.  It might because I am partial to these evergreens.  I love to see them cover in rain drops or weighted down by the snow.  We didn't have any evergreens where we lived when I was a child, except at Christmas.  Perhaps that's why I like them so much?

Well I must be off.  Little J has gobs of homework.  But more importantly he bought this fantastic paper aeroplane book yesterday, so I must be off to help him build up his squadron of planes!
L x.

PS - Sorry for the short whinge there about my co workers.  My boss is lovely (not included in the 4 count) and the others are generally tolerable most days. 


Louise said...

Oooo yummy scarf. Aren't you a positive soul!! Wow what contrasts of weather you get in your place. A bit like uk but on steroids!! I would mke the co workers cake, that might shut them up.

marigold jam said...

Love that scarf and your garden photos are lovely too. I am with you in hating people who are always on the moan about something - I can moan with the best of them but hopefully I am on the whole a positive sort of gal and don't do it all the time! Life is good (most of the time) and a little rain is welcome.


Crochet with Raymond said...

Louise the scarf is lovely!!!!! I think I may have to make one for the ladies in my family next winter!
Very cool

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Very unusual scarf - I really like it, especially the colour! Also enjoyed seeing the photos of your garden plants with droplets of refreshing rain on them!
Lucy xx

Maria said...

A very pretty twirly scarf to brighten a day
I love rain too, especially if I'm tucked inside

Boxoftrix said...

Fab pictures! the scarf, I envey those who can crochet, I cant, I have tried! , just this week I bought 2 new hooks and armed with a library book I sat for abut an hr and just made a mess!
I dont mind the long as I have a jacket on if its cold too. I do mind people who choose to moan about the with you on that. Loved Jackes lego blog I told my son about it last night he wants to do a blog now:)

Boxoftrix said...

opps that should read 'love the scarf'