Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Self Taught

Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous? 
This is Sally.
We didn't teach her how to sit up, she figured it out all on her own and she doesn't do it on command
It's her way of saying "Hey you, look at me!"
She does it in the middle of the night on your pillow, when you are sound asleep.
She does it on the very edge of the sofa and consequently falls off.
She does it in the car.
And as you can see, she does it on your lap.
What a nut, is what I say about her.

But isn't she adorable?
Love you Sweet Sally!

P.S.  Don't worry, I don't encourage her to sit on my pillow, in fact I discourage her from getting on the bed.  But she doesn't listen and there isn't much I can do about it in the middle of the night!


Louise said...

What can you ay? Diva. Our old Issy would do it but our Sally can't despite many efforts. She is too cute and funny. Love it.

marigold jam said...

How cute! Have you tried shutting the bedroom door?!! Or maybe she'd scratch to get in which might be worse.


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Sally is so sweet! That is very cute!
Lucy xx

mspremiseconclusion said...

Sally is so adorable and funny!! What a personality!
I just love cute pet antics.

Vivi said...

Funny =D Sally's so cute !