Friday, September 10, 2010

Skipping By

Just skipping by to say "helllllllloooooo" on this lovely Friday evening.  The weather here the last few days has been glorious!  Lovely cool days and cooler nights, still no rain, but the weather is amazing with it's blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  No photos sorry, my mind has been a bit like a tangled ball of yarn. I have so many ideas going round and round, but they're all tangled up and I am struggling to get them out.  Struggling to stop and work on anyone thing or pick up the camera to document the days.  Of course it doesn't help with  the camera on the blink, but it probably helps the five or six other projects I have going to get some attention!!!
So in addition to vegetable production over the Labor Day weekend, I put to and whipped up some bunting for Little J.  I loved how quickly it came together. No photos of the final product just yet, shortly though once I get Little J's room in a state to accept visitors. ☺

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I feel my mind detangling as we speak (fingers crossed) so hopefully I'll have more to share next week!
Toodles and take care...............
L x


marigold jam said...

Am sure the bunting will be really lovely and that little J will love it. Glad he liked the squirrel and badger pics! Perhaps once you get the bunting finished and hung your mind will untangle and go on to the next thing more easily - looking forward to seeing the finished article. Enjoy your weekend.


Louise said...

May be its infectious Louise and I have passed startitis on to you!! Oh dear what a pair we are. The bag just needs handles and a lining. Show and tell sooooooon!!! Have a good weekend.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Ooh Louise! I made the same bunting for my friends baby son last week! Great minds! Except mine is only 6 bunts and in ranbow colours!
Aren't we the best!

Maria said...

Wonderful colours for the bunting. Can't wait to see it hanging