Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday in my Town

Hello!  It's me again and I'd like to show you the little town of  Cumberland Maryland. If you haven't figure out by now, its where I live.  How I got here all the way from Perth Australia is a long story, but to keep you awake, here are the stepping stones I took - Melbourne Australia onto ....
San Diego California across the pond to ....
Mons Belgium then by way of ....
Vienna Virginia. 
It's been almost 20 years since I left home and surprisingly this is the longest I have lived in one place EVER!  I moved at least ten times before I left home 20 years ago, so 14 years is a long time for me.
One of the first things I noticed when we visited this town before moving here was how much the buildings reminded  me of the town in Belgium I used to live in.  I loved Belgium.  So I fell in love with the look of the town - although after living here about a week, I realized I found the buildings inviting, the people not so much!  It's one of those towns where it really helps to belong to a family that has lived here for generations.  New people will be new for a VERY long time.  I'm still considered new and still referred to as "the Australian woman" the second I open my mouth.  Regardless, I love it.  It's relatively safe, dirt cheap to live and the scenery is amazing.  Oh and it helps I have a great job here.  So we'll be staying for a while.

Would you like to take a little look at our downtown walking mall?  I might have mentioned before we have a lovely LYS down there.  Oh that it has a few unsavory interesting residents?  Unfortunately no photos of the yarn shop, but I was fortunate to avoid the Chicken Preacher (a man with a bible in one hand and a chicken in the other who's there almost everyday, I kid you not) and the Sweaty Man (who's pants are never quite high enough in the back and always seems to bend over the second I walk past) and Cowboy Boots (this guy loves to wear his boots with shorts - short shorts that is).  Three very well known residents.

Don't get too excited, just a couple of photos of buildings I don't know much about, but I love their  architecture.

 Look west up the walking mall.

 The Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  Now this is a building I know a tiny piece about - just a tiny piece, but I think it is an impressive piece.  This church was built in 1849 on the remains of Fort Cumberland (built in 1755) and contains the  most amazing original Tiffany Glass windows!  They are just beautiful.
 Little J's favorite store - The Treehouse Top Shop!

Looking east up the walking mall. 

And there you have it - my little place in space.  I hope you enjoyed your little walk around the patch.  I really appreciate you stopping by and would like to thank the lovely people who visit my speck of cyberspace and leave the odd comment or two.  Each and every  one really makes my day!

Happy Wednesday!  Three days till the weekend.................  ☺

PS.  As you can see I've been fiddling around with the new templates in blogger.  Felt like a bit of a change you see, thought it might encourage me  to blog more and my mother always said "Change is as good as a holiday".  So, what do you think?  Old or new?  I'm not so sure this holiday is working out for me.....


Helsie said...

Thanks for showing us around. Your mall certainly is lovely .... and not many people around either so it must be a quiet little town.

Isn't this the best thing about blogging ? -seeing other parts of the world

Maria said...

The photo with the church look wonderful, and I too was wondering where all the people were for a "walking mall" (I have not heard that term before) - it does look quiet and peaceful

marigold jam said...

Looks good to me too and I love that you have some real "characters" about too! Reminds me of the chap who used to pace up and down Oxford Street with a sandwich board saying that sitting down and lentils were bad for you! I think he's retired or died now as he was at if for years and years. Thanks for the trip as Helsie says it's good to see where other people live and to get their take on life.

I like the new template and as you say a change is as good as a rest so why not.


Louise said...

Oh lovely, how beautiful your hometown is. I love it. Boy I thought I had moved lots (not distance just houses)The husband and his work were the cause. Scarf thing not due until November. I have stalled too. All pink is actually quite boring. I'm going to do you a photo session of York when I take the scarves over.

Crochet with Raymond said...

I went *WOW* when your new facelifted blog popped up! Very colourful and delicious but the other one was lovely too with your sweet patchwork, so there you go... no help from me! I like both!
Ooh, I love visiting other people's towns, seeing the diversity of peoples lives is so much fun...
Your characters sound funny, I think they exist everywhere... we have blanketman and a juggler in Cuba Mall who has been juggling since I was a child and many others! A wizard in Christchurch! Lucky us!

Ruth Marie said...

Ooh I love your new blog look! It's lovely! Your town looks a very lovely place to live in - very cosy and quaint. :)