Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Views and other things....

Yes I know, another week between posts.  Basically I'm becoming crap at this blog lark.  Each night I go to sleep feeling guilty that I haven't posted all the beautiful things I have seen today.  Afraid they'll slip away and I'll forget them. ^sigh^
So to bore you silly for another post, here are just a couple of things I'm loving right now (beside the usual you know, children, hubby, chocolate etc...)

My lovely scarf project. ♥ Which I had intended to put at this end of this post, however blogger has decided otherwise and I can't be arse farted to try and move the dang thing to the bottom of this post.  Does anyone else struggle to tears when it comes to moving photos around in draft blogger?  I do.

Look Louise, progress ☺

Progress thanks to blogger which took 24 minutes to upload these photos, during which time i hooked three more stripes!

The view from Little J's school. Unfortunately my poor photography skills and the fact that I took this from the car doesn't do it justice. But honestly, if I were Little J and I got to stare at this all day long I wouldn't learn a thing!

We took a little trip to Morgantown, West Virginia this Sunday to go to the big smoke (well bigger than our smoke, smoke) to look a new computers.  The scenery was well worth the hour long drive.

And seeing scenery like this makes me really love where I live.  Of course like many people I dream of living somewhere fantastic, then I see these views and realize that perhaps I already do!!!

The two photos were taken from the car as we whizzed along the highway.  I was quite surprised how well they turned out.
Now this view below is from our WalMart!  If you can believe it.  Makes going to WalMart less painful some days.  Especially this time of year as the leaves are slowly starting to change.

And now for something completely different.  A little view on my front veranda.
I bought this little item many many years ago (10 maybe) at the aforementioned WalMart.  It had some crap painting of flowers on it - you know the kind of flowers that are brown with blue leaves? Sludgy looking and badly done.  Well of course typical me, theres no before photo, so you'll just have to believe me that they were crap.
Anyway, I bought this fantastic wrapping paper for next to nothing and decided it would be perfect for a little bird house makeover.  And I LOVE it!

It still needs another layer of the glue stuff (who's name eludes me and I'm too lazy to go find to see what it's really called - but I'm sure you know what I mean).  The glue stuff that sticks down the bits of paper, makes it a bit shiny and more protected.  Not that it will need protecting on my mantle.
Cute eh?

So there you have it.  Little views that have delighted me this past week. 
Well I'm off. 
I was off to watch my favorite show (Ghosthunters), but I've just realized it's not Wednesday afterall!!! 

Crappity crap crap crap.............

Toodles....L x


becky said...

Don't worry about us...we will be here for you whenever you post! Your scarf is coming along quite nicely! I feel the same way at times about how long it takes photos to download when your posting! I thought it was just me but I feel better now knowing I'm not alone!

Louise said...

tHE WHOLE IDEA OF COMPUTERS FRUSTRATES ME!!! See the caps lock was on and I cant be (what was it?) arse farted ( new vocab ) to change it!!! I love the scarf, would you tutorial how to make the stripes slanty like that? You live in the most amazing place, another few days and I am going to want to see those trees again. Louise I would love to send you chutney but fear the expense, I will lookinto it though. What else brit/Aus do you miss?

marigold jam said...

Like you I sometimes wonder why I bother when Blogger won't let me do what I try to do and the spacing business really get's my goat as every time I go back to a post it's changed it all again! If I could get the hang of scanning and posting I think I'd do my post in Word or Publisher, print it out and then scan it as I'm sure it would be easier!! Love the scarf and the little bird house - did you mean PVA glue? You are so right that sometimes what we have is as lovely as anything else we might wish for and where you live is beautiful.


marigold jam said...

Oops - no apostrophe needed in gets! Take 100 lines "I must proof read BEFORE posting"!!


Vivi said...

Isnt it the Decopatch glue you're talking about ? i discovered that not long ago and i like it ! Your bird house is so beautiful !! I love all the colors !