Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Weather

The weather here the last week has been nothing short of A M A Z I N G.  Beautiful blue blue skies, the occasional white fluffy clouds and mild fall weather.  Still no rain, well we had a thunderstorm on Saturday night, but it was gone as fast as it arrived.  As the summer has been so dry, incredibly dry, almost drought dry, the leaves of the trees are changing fast.  Very early I think for our neck of the woods.  Anyway, I am loving this weather.  Soaking it in each day and trying to enjoy every nano second before the big cold arrives.
I know you probably aren't particularly interested in our new shrubs, but I was pretty ding danged excited to see them on sale at our local home improvement store for the pricely sum of a measly $7.50.  Mr. VW and I have been saving and looking for some perfect hedge shrubs and I think these Japanese holly's will be perfect.  We have lovely neighbors at the moment, but as they are a military family we know they'll move on in a year and we were quite anxious while we had friendly neighbors to define our little patch.  I know this sounds a wee bit territorial, but with a rental house on either side of us we often have some annoying interesting neighbors.
So here they are, freshly planted and here I am beginning the process of documenting their progress.

Isn't this flower amazing?  Just a complete zing zang of colour in the sunshine.  Still a few of these flowers left soaking up the fall weather.
 Isn't that the bluest blue sky?  Almost looks too blue to be true, but it is.  No photoshop magic here.

 Hello, what's this hanging in the fall sunshine?????  A little WIP that will soon be winging it's way across the pond to Louise.  Yep, no need to panic Louise, I've settled on a pattern and it's now increasing in size rapidly.  Fourth times a charm I say! ☺
Helsie commented on my post yesterday that there weren't ,many people on the walking mall.  Well I took those photos midday on a Saturday and it was about as busy as it gets.  It's a lovely mall, but NO ONE goes down there!  Hence shops come and go very quickly.  In this town if tell most people you didn't buy it at WalMart, they tend to raise their eyebrows, tilt their head and give you that look like you've lost your mind.  Shame really, they don't know what they are missing!
Well that's me done for another evening. I'm off to scare the pants off myself watching my favorite show ever - Ghost Hunters!
Toodles.....L x


Louise said...

Yeeeeeeeeee, its lovely Louise!!! Thankyou so much. I am envyous of your weather, it looks lovely. Take care and have great day.

marigold jam said...

Glad you are having some bright sunny weather and the sky looks amazing - it always seems bluer at this time of year when it is a clear day doesn't it? That diagonal crochet looks great and hope the hedge grows well and before you get any new "interesting" neighbours next door!

Jane x

Annalisa said...

:) Hi,
I haven't commented for a long while on your nice blog and here I am, reading this cheerful and lighthearted post about a great sunny day!
A lovely post, thank you for sharing, hope you and yours are fine!

Crochet with Raymond said...

What a lovely sunny day! There's nothing to life the spirits more!!!