Sunday, October 10, 2010


We've just returned from a weekend at the IL's summer house and the weather has been glorious, which is just what we needed to brighten our spirits over the S  L  O  W   progress we are making on repairing this house.  It all sounds very romantic to have a summer house and I'm sure it is.  However this poor house which was used maybe ten times a year during the 70's and 80's and then completely neglected for almost 15 years is still suffering.  So we will continue to slog away and enjoy the beautiful views and glorious weather.  One day I may be brave enough to show some photos of the actual house, but not quite yet. ☺

Little J enjoys the extra room to run and the adventures to be had by the water.

I love the tall pine trees that stretch to the sky.

And this small dog (who turns 13 this week) enjoys the waves made by passing boats. 
Even when they drench his little face unexpectedly!  

Regardless, he spent every possible outside moment with his bum in the air and his head down this hole by the water searching for something......
So after a lovely long ride home this afternoon, with the sun shining, the leaves changing and me hooking away on Little J's blanket with a dog on my lap, I'm exhausted!  I'm off to get everything ready for another week at work and school.
Thanks for stopping by....
Toodles.  L x


marigold jam said...

Oh do show us the house - then when you finish it we can see the difference! It looks like a great location and I am sure once the work is done you will enjoy many lovely holidays there. Love that little dog (and I'm not really a dog lover normally!) Have a good week.


marigold jam said...

PS Like the new layout and background etc!

Maria said...

I agree with Jane - no matter what it looks like. All repairs/renos start somewhere and then you can admire the changes - no matter if its your children that finish it ☺
Looks like a beautiful spot and you seem to be having our spring weather and we are having your autumn weather ☺

Helsie said...

WE are all voting for a house photo!!!
You know we are big stickybeaks! WE want to see it change over time. The location looks very pretty but I'd watch out that the hole isn't occupied by a RAT - those little dogs are fantastic ratters you know !

Crochet with Raymond said...

Beautiful photographs! wow! what a stunning place!
I think you should show us the house next time no matter how run down.... then we can see the difference next time!!!

Louise said...

Were an inquisitive bunch (nosey). It looks so lovely, especially the dog shots.