Sunday, October 24, 2010

Visiting The Hokie

This last week has had me quite out of sorts.  The sort of out of sorts that has found me frogging more knitting and crochet projects than I have in my entire life. Even my new fancy yarn purchase and a long car ride couldn't keep my mind straight. 
Although the long car ride and the brief visit at the end of it may have attributed to my rather scattered state this last week. You see we made a very brief visit to see Big J last weekend and leaving him was harder than ever.  But I keep reassuring myself he is settled into university life so well and is just a phone call away if he/I needs me/him.  And even if his room could use a tiny tidy up, he's really loving uni life.
He really does have the most beautiful university campus I think I have ever seen.

The kids in his dorm seem to be VERY nice - except of course Dick (* not his real name, just the one appropriately given to him by his dorm mates - I'll spare you the details, but even I approve of this name!).  His grades are fab, thanks to a room mate who is apparently a calculus genius!!!
We spent the afternoon wandering the campus grounds, which are made of the most beautiful stone.  The campus was lovely and quiet, thanks to the homecoming football game which had made getting to the campus a complete nightmare, but had the majority of the population at the stadium.  I have never seen anything like it in my life, I wish I could have gotten a photo of the sea, no make that ocean of people wearing orange and maroon!  Alas, too may cars and people for that to happen.  Little J however, loved the fact they fired cannons each time they scored a point and the fly over of WWII planes at the start of the game, which scared the pants off of me, made his day.
We only stayed for a short 5 hours before leaving to make the long journey home.  I have worried more about him than ever this week, however a phone call to him at 11:30am this morning, which found him still sound asleep assured me things are just fine with him!
P.S. FYI - this beautiful place where my eldest now resides is Virginia Tech (Home of the Hokies - as most on this side of the pond know it). 


marigold jam said...

I know just how you feel! He will be fine and you have obviously done a good job there!


Terrie said...

What a wonderful building! x

Felicity said...

i have times like that when i just cant think and have to unpick everything! fliss xxx

Louise said...

Wow it looks a spectcular place. I am so glad he is settled and happy. I feel for you I really do.Hugs Lou

Vivi said...

thank you for your comment =) I found my beads on etsy !