Monday, October 25, 2010

The Leaves and other things......

Well as usual, blogger won't load photos in the order I request them and to be honest I can't be arsed to start a fight trying to rearrange them - blogger, YOU WIN!
So, my spaced out brain has almost come back to earth, almost.  If you may recall some time WAY back I bought this lovely yarn. I made thousands of squares, loving the colours and the super soft texture of the yarn.  Ok well, not thousands, but ALOT.  Then I laid them all out, as you do, to figure out a pattern.  It struck me that I would now have to sew them all together!!!  And we all know, I'm way too impatient for that to happen. 
 So I started over.  Well, I didn't frog all the squares, but one by one I've started unravelling them and joining them together as I go.
It took quite a few more attempts than I am willing to admit to figure out exactly how to join each strip together, but I THINK I have it.   
The biggest challenge thus far is being careful not to increase the stitches, which I have perfected - the increasing that is, not the keeping them the same number.  So there as been some coarse language and unravelling.
Obviously a long way to go before Little J will be able to snuggle under this!

Now to those leaves.  I have to admit, we do have the most beautiful views of the autumn leaves in our area.  The drive to school/work each morning (via the interstate) has been breath-taking - almost car crashing breath taking.  Which means I have little no photos of the most magnificent foliage as I'd rather keep my car out of the ditch. ☺
So instead, I took a couple of snaps from the front veranda this evening.
No, not Snoopy and his leaves....

These leaves!  
Sorry, not the most brilliant photo.  The light has been weird this evening, I think as it has been raining. The leaves are nearly done now, but despite the drought this year, they have been magnificent.

Perhaps I will engage Little J's photography skills on the ride to school tomorrow?  He can occasionally be quite handy with the camera.
Well I must be off!  Homework is calling......
Toodles  L x


Helsie said...

Well, you sound a bit more cheerful today so that is good. It is hard when the kids start to spread their wings and move away from your protection isn't it?
Loved the Autumn photos and yes, I think you should hand the camera to Little J tomorrow so we can see those trees on the way to work!

Louise said...

Oooo lovely squares. So simple but in the hands of someone with an eye for colour combination, stunning. Very envious of where you live, so pretty.

marigold jam said...

Lovely coloured sqaures Louise - I don't think I'd have had the patience to unravel them though and would rather have stitched them together!! Look forward to seeing it finished. The view from yur house is great and can imagine in the sunlight those trees must look wonderful. Hope to see some of Little J's photography too later.
Like Hlesie I too know what it's like to have your child spread their wings - so glad you are coping well with your biggest being off on his own.


"Never Knew" said...

Love those squares, gorgeous colours. Have you seen Dottie Angel's "ordinary extraordinary blanket"? It looks like you're joining your squares the way she does in her blanket - it's a nice effect, I think.
Good luck with it,
Caz :)

Tabiboo said...

I love that saying 'can't be arsed' sorry.

I love your squares and autumnal pictures.

take care,

Nina xxx

Teje said...

Hello! Your blanket is going to be wonderful! I love the colours and simple 'one colour' squares you have chosen! Beautiful photos!
Best wishes Teje