Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How's That Done Then?

Happy Tuesday!
Sorry I wasn't very clear in my last post what exactly it was I had made for Little Z.  Obviously the blue item with the pink heart was a pencil case.  The other item, not so clear, was a book cover for her writing journal/drawing book.
Here it is!
 Now back to the business of this post.
Alice, if you're reading this, you may want to avert your eyes. 
Somehow  I have managed to create the wonkiest Mandala known to man/crochetkind.  Not sure how, but I will say I frogged this sucker three times!  Don't get me wrong, Alice's pattern could not be any easier.  However the cosmic brain meld that allows me to read the words of her pattern without actually reading them must be broken or suffering from some sort of serious disruption.  And for reasons unknown to me, even after I frogged it once, I still refused to actually stop and
the words or look at the photos.
Sorry Alice, I deserve a good smack.     
So how many pins does it take to block a wonky mandala and make it round???  Many more than I own.

 What's that you say?  Why don't I frog it and start again?  Because I suffer from a severe lack of patience and an over abundance of stupidity.
And I'm VERY hopeful the entire contents of my pin cushion and copious amounts of spray starch will do the trick....

Of course if you want to know how these lovely mandalas really should look, pop over and see Alice.  Hers are quite simply brilliant.

P.S. I think the sludgy photos due to the lack of light only add to the crappiness.  Even if it isn't round, the colours are really quite lovely, honest! 


Clara said...

Oh, I feel for you! Sometimes it's the simplest of patterns that can get to you. I have not made one myself yet but I have read where others find the same thing as you do and it's a challenge to get them round. Looks like your blocking is doing the trick. Maybe Alice herself may have a couple of tips and I'm sure she'd be happy to oblige.

Louise said...

Looks great to me!!My excuse is always, only God is perfect, our imperfections and mistakes only serve to glorify Him. Im sticking to that !!!

marigold jam said...

Thanks for showing the book cover - it's lovely! Your mandela is also great - if you have read my most recent post you will know I have had similar problems with my knitting so I can empathise with you on the unpicking etc! What is it they say - if at first you don't succeed try again? Though sometimes I have to admit to saying "If at first you don't succeed -give up"!!


Crochet with Raymond said...

It looks just perfect! I think that because you have finished on an increase row, it has come out a bit octogonal.... I finished my last one, one row after an increase and it is not as perfectly round as the rest of them... if you had carried on for two more rows than it would have been rounder... although I totally understand that by that time you may have been hating this mandala!
Sorry Louise! I'm absolutely not upset by you of course, but I have read something by someone complaining about my mandala pattern and I get a bit worried that I'm not explaining it properly, although, I've had others saying its fine, so who knows!!!!!!!!!!
Are you going to try the granny tea pot? I'm sure it's easier!!!
Have a lovely week XXX

One pair of Hands said...

Isn't it lovely when people are so generous with their knowledge. Your mandala looks very pretty to me. It's a term I'm not familiar with so I can't judge and wouldn't dare anyway as I'm no expert.