Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy November.....
Little J is now the big NINE, just one digit away from doubles.  No fancy celebrations, just cake and construction on his Halloween Birthday.
Here he sits on the new roof of his playhouse reading the latest toy catalog and contemplating ways to bribe me into a trip to the toy store to spend the £10 his Great Uncle has sent from across the pond :-) (Unfortunately no currency exchange services within zillion miles from of house, so he'll be dealing with the "Bank of Mum" and another £10 note will end up in my Grandfathers tea caddy) 

Mr VW spend what was a rather chilly day replacing the roof on his clubhouse.  It didn't fair so well after the mountains of snow we received last year.  Speaking of the white stuff, I saw our first flurries up on the mountain at work last friday!  Little later than last year, when the white stuff arrived 2 weeks prior to pumpkin day.
I provided construction supervision from a comfortable chair with a warm dog whilst adding rows to my granny stripe.

And creating 'fowas' for our sweet almost 3 year old neighbor who pops over for a visit any chance she can get.  Any sign of my yarn and she asks ever so sweetly for more "fowas".  The girls got the crochet love already!
Well I  must be off, although I have a reprieve from homework tonight (school's out today and tomorrow) there's still more cake to eat and pressies which must now be constructed :-0
Happy Number 9 Little J, you've grown so much since last year.


Louise said...

Happy birthday J. Yep we do alot of catalogue reading about this time of year too!! The blanket is gorge. I am also loving the fowas (lovely geordie accent there) I too don't mind if the girls swing by to play, it mkes a nice change. Too cute.

marigold jam said...

Happy Birthday Little J. What a lovely lad he looks. Guess with an all male household making fowas for a neighbour is good for you? Love the colours in your granny stripe. Snow already eh? Roll on Spring!


Ruth Marie said...

Is this my little Lego friend who is celebrating his birthday? I hope he had the best of days and that his teeth are feeling a bit better after that trip to the dentist - he was really brave!!! Another Lego purchase on the cards I guess with his birthday money then? ;)

Tabiboo said...

Happy Birthday Mister J - another autumnal babe.

Nina xxx

Teje said...

Happy Birtfday! What a great 'treehouse'!
I love your colourful crochet blanket and nice to see your 'best friend'!
Wishes Teje

Yiota said...

Happy Birthday J!
Love his contemplating look; choosing a new toy is never an easy task now, is it?

Crochet with Raymond said...

Yes happy birthday Little J! Nearly double digits!!!!
Loving the blanket, I love the way you have used the colours and made it different and yours!
Cute little bracelet! what have you started with this little girl!!!
he he