Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You!

Honestly, the bloggers I have met through my ramblings are the NICEST people EVER!!!  Thank you so much for your advice on my scarf dilemma!  Such a relief.  I'm ready to start on the new scarf and feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  I was so worried, I think I was going silly over the whole matter!  The only crafty friends I have are those I have met through my blog, so your advice and suggestions are so valuable to me.  THANK YOU

I'm off to start the new scarf and see if there is at least 1 way in my little book of 101 ways to improve my knitting that will do just that!  My MIL included this book in a stash of yarn, needles and books she gave me.  All vintage from the 50's and 60's, but the patterns are so simple and easy for me the beginner I was so happy to receive them. Hopefully I'll be able to knit something other than a hat or scarf after browsing through this book!

P.S.  Again please excuse the crap photos - with the clock change it's dark by the time I get home. 


Terrie said...

I would love to have a nose in that book! I think you made the right decision on the scarf. Although I can't get my head round non-crafty people not wanting to stroke every yarn they lay their eyes on!

By the way I have a big J middle J and little J too!

marigold jam said...

That book looks rather like an English one I have which has patterns for garments people never wear these days but is great for the basics! God luck with the new scarf.


Teje said...

Hello Luise! Thank you for your visit and lovely words! I think exactly the same way! I have found so many good friends with blogging and my only (exept my sister) craft-friends! It's so wonderful and important to share our works with someone! I would love to see more your lovely dogs!
Best wishes Teje
Ps. we are waiting rain from May!

Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh! I missed out on your dilemma!!!!
Oh my god I just get so uncomfortable when people ask me to make them stuff! I get soooooo many requests and I'm thinking, yeah sure, I'll make you something with $20 worth of wool and three days labour.... sure! NOT!!!!! ha ha ha I now say "no but thanks for asking! If you want me to I'll teach you how and help you along the way!!!!" I feel for you that your boss asked you because how do you say no to a boss!!!
Here is my (and Raymond who is sitting on my lap right now and agrees with everything I say....) opinion on the matter!
1. Keep the lovely expensive delicious wool for youself, it's such a lovely pink!
2. Get some cheaper wool for her and hook her a nice easy cowl!!!
3. Ask for a payrise immediately after giving it to her!
ha ha ha ha ah
Have a lovely week! XXXXXXXXX