Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back Again & 10 Things...

Back.  Didn't mean to be gone for so long.  There's been a bit of a grey cloud hanging over my head for a few days, but I'm slowing digging my way out of the dumps.

We spent our Thanksgiving on the road to the house above, so no turkey for us, just a luke warm tin of raviolis. I'll never get citizenship to this country unless I can learn to embrace this holiday! Not that I want to :-)
So I had BIG plans this evening to upload photos of the summer house, blogger on the other hand, had others.  I've tried three times to upload more than one photo, but to no avail.  My patience is gone and the grey cloud is looming overhead again.
So rather than sneak peaks of the above house, which a few of you have asked for, I'll have to move on to something else involving just words.

Brace yourself.....

I have to thank the lovely Alice for giving me the Beautiful Blog award.  Thank you lovely Alice, you are too sweet.  So you ready for the ten things about me???

1.  Dental Floss makes me nervous - I had a very bad experience at the hands of dental technician many moons ago.  Drill all you like, keep the dental floss far far away.
2.  I LOVE sausage rolls - YUM.  They are the food I miss most about home.  I'd give anything to have one right now, but the Americans haven't figured them out yet :-(
3.  I'm not shy, perhaps overly reserved.  I am very uncomfortable around people I don't know in social situations. 
4.  At the ripe old age of 41 I finally got my drivers license.  Better late than never I say.
5.  I am the third of four children - older brother & sister, younger sister.
6.  I wear bifocals and have dreadful eyesight, but I rarely wear my glasses unless I am at work or behind the wheel. I am squinting as I type this and probably have crows feet the size of small islands :-)
7.  I learnt to knit and crochet when I was 10, but only ever the basics.  I wish daily that I had asked my Mum to teach me more before she was gone.  She was brilliant at both, just brilliant....
8.  Ginger Ale is my drink of choice.
9.  I used to smoke, but it is now a filthy habit I quit 5 years ago - YUCK, I feel sick just thinking about it.
10.  I love my boys more than anything (but you probably know that already :-))

Ok that's me.  You still awake????  Hopefully I haven't sent you into a coma or off to sleep.

To be honest, I'm nervous about passing this award on as many people find them a wee bit annoying. But at the risk of being annoying, I will pass this on to the lovely Louise and Jane.  They have been reading my nonsense for almost an eternity now and I appreciate their support and of course they have Beautiful Blogs! 

Right that's me done for this evening.  I promise I will battle the photo upload again tomorrow.



Boxoftrix said...

I can totally sympathise on the 'uploading images not happening' thing I get so frustrated when I cant get images to load. Thats a shame you miss sausage rolls so much wish I could send you some but I fear they would never reach you.Im also an ex smoker and cant bear the smell of anyone who is smoking near me. I think its my payback for smoking in the first place. I try so hard every now and then to teach myself to crochet but I always fail, I did learn at school but it just wont sink in now.

Maria said...

I am having troubles with photos too - have to shut down Explorer and go back in to load a second photo - very annoying. So back to one photo posts
Hope the fog is getting thinner for you

Louise said...

What a sweetie you are. So sorry about the dumps. I prescribe extra hooky time.As for sausage rolls I fear they'd be green by they arrived Stateside. I'm guessing that it isn't easy to get ingredients either. Warm hugs honey. Glad youre back!!

marigold jam said...

So sorry about the blues. It was so good to learn a little more about you so that I feel I know you better. I was amazed when I clicked on the two people you had selected to pass the award on to that I was one of them - thank you so much. Re dental floss - my dentist who is a professor of dentistry advises me AGAINST using it as my teeth are so close together and apparently when this is the case you can actually push "stuff" towards the gums when flossing instead of removing it so there!!! I got some stuck once and thought I would never get it free horrible. Pity we can't send you a few sausage rolls they'd stay cool here but whether they'd arrive in edible form your end I don't know! It's strange the things one misses when abroad - in USA all I wanted was something plain and a Chelsea bun and when we lived in France I missed the English wholemeal bread till we finally discovered a bakery which made something similar.

Take care and we look forward to seeing your photos when Blogger permits - no stress!

Jane x

Clara said...

I'd say you're on your way back up from the doldrums. To be able to voice it and then put it down in words helps loads. You are very blessed with such a lovely family and I really liked reading your fun facts!'s catching.

Crochet with Raymond said...

ha ha ha ha ha I love how you are so honest about people finding the awards annoying... I find them TOTALLY annoying which is why I have only ever done this once after winning multiple awards!
I hope you weren't all "aaaaaaaaarrrhhh bloody Alice" when you got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha