Friday, December 31, 2010

Felting - A Success????

 I bit the bullet, made my little coin purse and gave my best attempt at felting.  As I have a front loading washing machine, I thought I give the 'boiling' method a go.  However, after about 30 minutes in the pot, all I managed to create was some delicious electric purple water!!  It really was the most brilliant shade of purple I've ever seen.  The purse didn't shrink one tiny bit.  I double checked the yarn I used and confirmed it was actually wool!!!
So, Middle J offered up some white socks, which upon inspection of the boiled water he thought might look nice purple and we decided to bung the purse and socks in the washing machine, cross our fingers and hope for the best!
One hot wash cycle later, this is what emerged.
It's ever so slightly smaller.  It maybe shrank 10%?  But its ever so soft and the wool is definitely thicker and less shiny, although the photos don't show that very well.  I must say, I am pleased with the results and may try this again.  It's probably a good thing it didn't shrink any smaller, or as Jane commented, it might have ended up a 'coin' purse, holding just the one coin!

 Thank you all for stopping by and visiting.  I appreciate all of you and the wonderful advice and support I've received through your comments and emails.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my blog this year and am so thankful for the friendships I've made through it.

Happy New Year!

♥  All the best to all of you in 2011  ♥ 

Toodles...L x


Debi Y. said...

It came out nice. If you want, maybe if you wash it again, it'll shrink some more?

Have a Happy New Year. :)

Ruth Marie said...

Isn't that strange how it didn't felt on the first wash?! Looks lovely though - I like purple a lot. Wishing you and your family a fantastic 2011 xx :)

marigold jam said...

Might have been treated so it was "machine washable" perhaps? I have always found it to be Sod's Law that when you accidentlally put your best sweater in the machine it felts and when you want something to felt it doesn't! I think it works better too when you put something else in with it such as a tennis ball or something though I don't really know why except that if all you had in the machine was the purse it probably didn't get much of a beating and stuck to the side of the drum out of harms's way. It looks good as it is though and now your son also has some fancy purple socks!!

Happy New Year to one of my first followers!

Jane x

Tabiboo said...

It is beautiful though and I love the colour.

Happy New Year to you too and the warmest of wishes for 2011.

Nina xxx

Annalisa said...

Lovely work Louise!
Happy New Year to you and your family too!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Brilliant Louise! Sometimes the felting can take ages and ages even in the machine. Hand felting will make sure you have no tuck-shop arms tho :-)

Lovely little purse, whats next??

Happy New Year to you and yours xx Jen

Pearly Queen said...

It used to be that cheap wool yarn felted and the expensive did not... now it's the opposite!

Yiota said...

Lovely purse!
Happy New Year, Louise!

Clara said...

It turned out pretty nonetheless.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Primrose Beresford said...

I've had that kind of problem with felting 100% wool - I don't know if there is maybe some finish on the wool. I tend to "felt" things accidentally :( like favourite jumpers.

It turned out nice though - the purple is a very nice colour - and the little flower looks really good.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year,

Crochet with Raymond said...

It looks cool! i like the way the flower felted... you enjoy your bag fix while you love them! there is no such thing as too many bags!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Really like it! Very best wishes for 2011!
Lucy xx

Shepherdess said...

Looks like it turned out really well. There are lots of things will effect the felting. It could be supperwash and then it won't felt. The type of sheep it comes from will effect it too. Some wool shrinks more than others. How tight the wool is spun and knit will effect it too. I think the reason the boiling didn't do what you want is there is not enough movement. you need agitation for felting or the pounding like in the front loader. For the bleeding you could try adding some vinegar to the pot to see if it will take up the dye again. Most wool dye is acid dye and need an acid condition to take up the dye.