Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Sneakiness of Bloggers

Someone has been very very sneaky! Someone has made me squeal very loudly with delight very early on a Sunday morning!  Louise thank you SO much for your lovely surprise!  Yes, I know it isn't my birthday yet, but I simply couldn't resist opening the little red pressies after reading your beautiful card.    The postman must have stopped by quite late last night for me to miss this little package, so I was surprised and completely delighted when Mr. VW handed me a package this morning. 
Luckily, for a change, I had the forthought to take photos before ripping into the package....
Lovely little red parcels.... and considerable debate as to which one to open first!

FABulous crochet flower!!! Louise you are too clever, I wish I could make one of these.  This has pride of place on my mantle.
The sweetest little tissue package with adorable cherry buttons!  (Needed a couple of these to dab up the tears, I was overwhelmed that someone had been SO very thoughtful and damn sneaky all just for me!)
OMG !!!  The cutest little folder with cards and envelopes!
OK these are seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY, the cutest little rabbits ever!  I can't put them down, I just want to admire them all day long.
Well I have to say I was quite overwhelmed at the generosity of someone I've never actually met.  To think that someone would take the time put together this adorable package all just for me, it just leaves me speechless.  I cannot thank you enough Ms LallyLouLou for your thoughtfulness.
***Sending you a virtual hug!!***

And you were quite sneaky, but am I correct in thinking you mentioned your sneakiness in this post?

All I can say now is, GAME ON!!! 

Happy Sunday folks....hope your day turns out to be as wonderful as mine!

P.S.  I just have to add this, as only bloggers will really understand how we make these connections in cyberspace without actually meeting or speaking, but my first thought after opening the package was that I wanted to ring Louise and thank her in person! Because I felt like I've made a good friend, without even speaking to her.   So instead I quickly grabbed the computer to start a post instead.... 


marigold jam said...

Lucky you! I know wht you mean about feeling that you know the other blogging friends - it's so odd when you realise that you haven't even got an e-mail address for some of them!


Louise said...

You are so welcome lovely lady. I am sobbing too!! It is weird and crazy but its been so great getting to know you and your family and life. Such a privilege please enjoy the reall day. Hugs Louxx

"Never Knew" said...

I think it's lovely she sent you those things and that you've found a great friendship. I didn't know or expect that this could/would happen when I started blogging - I just wanted to put my crochet out there; I didn't ever expect a response!

Instead what I've found is that there are all these "kindred spirits" out there - other crochet lovers who I would never have known. It is so great to share my interest with them and vice-versa as I have no one in my "real" (non-computer) life who understands how much I love crochet!

So I get what you're saying. Blog friends are awesome and while they may not be in our "real" lives, they are, in fact, very "real". :-)

Caz from Never Knew :)

Teje said...

Hello Louise! Your packet had really lovely things! Before I started my blog I found 'best friend' and we hadn't even met! Now we have been together many times and are best friends even living in different countries! It is amazing!
Best wishes Teje