Monday, December 13, 2010


Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes!  I had a fabulous day cleaning out the Big Boys room for his return home from college for the holidays!  Two days to go and I am praying for him hourly as his sits his first round of college exams.....
To keep my mind occupied while waiting for his arrival and keep it off the disaster then ended my  adventure of knitting on dpns (I can knit on dpn's, but I cannot make thumb holes or cast off neatly), I've been doing a little stitching.
Not exactly sure where this is going, it's an experiment.
Happy Monday!
Toodles, Lx


Louise said...

Experiment or not I like it. It would look good on a Christmas card!!! Fingers crossed for the exams and a speedy return to the nest for your big lad. Then Christmas can really start!!! hugs

marigold jam said...

I know how you feel - only a few more months before my "baby" reutrns from the other side of the world! Fingers crossed for the exams and a speedy return to you! Love those little trees would as Louise says be good on a Christmas card depending on size or perhaps a bag (I know you are a fellow bag-lady!) maybe to store the decorations in after Christmas or to take shopping or ...


Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Good luck to your son for his exams! Your stitching project looks interesting and very nice!
Lucy xx

Teje said...

Hi Louise! Your lemon/lime crochet is beautiful - really too beautiful for dishes!
I love also your new stitching!
Wishes Teje