Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time Warp

Finally, after an hour  blogger has been gracious enough to let me load the photos I couldn't load yesterday.  So, are you ready to see the 'Summer House'???
Firstly, let's take a look at the best bit about this summer house.....The View.  Right on the water and what a view.
History of this house:  Purchased by Mr. VW's folks in about 1973, visit regularly (twice a month) right up through the 1980's and then occasionally by various grown family members perhaps four times a year at best through the early nineties.  Then left and abandoned, except for a few racoons who moved in when the roof eves rotted.  We live quite a distance away, so for many years we weren't able to go down there and Mr. VW's folks are in their late 70's and their health isn't brilliant.  Anyway, when we finally decided to go down there in the summer of 2009, it was apparent no-one had been there since about 2001.  You could barely see the house from the road.  So we spent a few weekends in the summer of '09 cleaning up the yard.
Now the details.
This house has four bedrooms, one living room, two bathrooms and two kitchens.  Apparently two school teachers or sisters or someone lived there, one on each side sharing the common living room.  So if you can imagine, two bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen on one side and the same on the other - joined by the living room.
Renovations:  NONE.  This house is a complete time warp from the day it was purchased.  I'll add a note here to perhaps explain why it is the way it is.  The main family home were the IL's live, purchased in 1952 in a very nice suburb in outside Washington DC is practically identical to the day it was purchased.  Same grass green carpet, same magnolia walls, same everything, I mean nothing has changed. Gobsmacked is the way I would describe my reaction the first time I saw it.  Oh and I'll add to help you understand why people let their homes fall into disrepair, there's a hoarder in the family - practically NOTHING goes in the garbage and the hoarders has motto, "Why buy one, when I can buy three".  Their main family home is jammed packed with stuff.  You can't swing a cat in their house, heck you can't barely sit down!  We don't go there often, which to me is unfortunate.
Let's take a look shall we.
1.  The water side in desperate need of a coat of paint.
2.  The Fridge.  Circa 1955.  Fully functional.  Yes it works and I wish I had taken a photo of the inside as it has those sweet little spots to put your eggs on the door along with a special compartment for your butter.  It rocks.  (please excuse the bags of rubbish)

3.  The phone and a bit of the kitchen we use.  It doesn't work, but only because it isn't hooked up.  Old school rotary phone that used to be on a party line.  I had to demonstrate to boys how it worked!!!  Note the wood paneling?  In every room, except the bathroom.  Real wood, so it will be painted white as it makes the place very dark.
 4.  The Bathroom.  All original and with the exception of the floor, the tile is in pretty good condition.  We only use this bathroom, the other is filled with 'stuff' (hoarder style).
 5.  The kitchen we use.  Both are fairly identical.  The other of course full of 'stuff'.  Take a look at the stove.  Yes it works and I LOVE IT. If I could slip it out the door and put it in the boot of my car I would!!!!  The curtains on this side are new, but in the other kitchen they are brown, orange, cream barkcloth - straight from the 60's.
6.  The coffee table!  Isn't it cool?  Just love the mosaic tile.  Not sure how old it is, but definitely from the 70's.
So you may be wondering what we've been working on at this house.  Remember the hoarder?  Yep, clearing out 'stuff' and repairing ceiling which have collapsed when the roof leaked (roof now replaced).  Most of the stuff goes to the dump, but there's been some treasures.  Cool wooden 50's school desk.  The American kind where the desk and chair are one piece and there's a cubby underneath for your stuff.  We hauled it home and Little J uses it.  A string of party lanterns, still sealed in their box, but clearly pre-barcode vintage.  Loads of stuff, too numerous to mention.  Two kitchen tables, the chrome and formica kind right from the fifties, with chairs.
Remember the cool fridge?  Yeah, there are three of them!!!! One definitely doesn't work, but I don't know about the other.  Mr. VW is pretty sure it does.
Anyway enough. 
Here's the reason why I endure the four hour car ride and the piles of stuff.
That view.
Hope you enjoyed that sneak peak - I won't be offended if you didn't read the words :-) (I just did and it bored me silly). I  know most of us love a nosey in other peoples houses :-) 
I know I do!!!
Before I go, a super duper big THANK YOU for your supportive comments on yesterdays post.  Much appreciated.  The cloud is gone and the sun is shining!
Perhaps tomorrow I'll let you have a bit of a nosey in my house????  Would you like that???  The tree is up you know.......
Toodles, Lx


Clara said...

Wow, such a beautiful place....all round. Hoarder or not, someone had some pretty decent ideas overall. Glad you are feeling better. That's the spirit!

Maria said...

Such a fun post, really is a retro-lovers dream

Louise said...

Lawks missis, and I thought I got the tree up early!!! I just love the house. The bathroom is very modern looking. The clever people do the timewarp thing as all trends come back round again, it must save a fortune!!!

marigold jam said...

Oh how amazing - I'd absolutely love a place like that in spite of the work involved in getting it back to habitable. Some of those retro things are lovely - I can see it all now once you have cleared the decks and sorted out the sheep from the goats as it were! Like you I love noseying round houses so thanks for sharing.


Teje said...

Hello Louise! How nice to have you back! I love to see houses because of them selves...I have always been interested about houses! You made lovely post about this old house with fabulous view! Especially I love that mosaic table and would like to make a one!
xxx Teje

Feltland said...

What a beautiful place !!! It has a nice retro look - full of possibilities !!! ... ^__^