Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's Tuesday and I don't really have too much to say. I'm almost afraid to say I am knitting again :-S In fact, I even spent $$ on a pattern!!!! However, before you remember that I DON"T know how to knit, I found these terrific instructions on the Lion Brand website. They can apparently work miracles and teach me to knit. As remarkable as it may sound, I am actually making progress and not just holes in my knitting! It's slow going, I am trying VERY hard not to rush.
Happy Tuesday! Please enjoy these lovely daffs in from the garden and on my fireplace mantle for all day long viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yellow - They've Arrived!!!!

I don't think I need to recall how long I have waiting to see these beauties! What a lovely surprise when i arrived home from a very looooooooooong day at the office to see these lovely ladies looking perfectly beautiful in the sunshine. This is their first year, given to me by my lovely friends husband who is dutch - so with that alone we knew they had a fighting chance to not only survive in my garden, but be amazing too! ☺

Isn't mother nature amazing???? ♥

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Our weekend was blessed with beautiful weather, nearly 80 F yesterday! The daffodils are mere days from blooming and the hedge is starting to bud. Little J and I set off to brush up on his bicycle riding skills today - he's a little rusty.

We headed down to a part of the C&O Canal that we haven't ventured along before. Although not particularly scenic today, it was a nice paved portion of path which was perfect for bike riding practice.
The weather was so nice, after just a short while Mr. VW ventured home to collect his bike to ride with Little J. As I am still struck down with the lurgy, barely able to breathe, I decided to warm the sofa while they rode off and engage in some low energy hooking.

I hope Monday is as beautiful as today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post - they cheered me to no end - what wonderful bloggerville friends ♥ you are all such lovely people.
So despite the fact that today I find myself struck down with some horrible lurgy, last night I managed to stay up wAAAAAAAy too late tap tap tapping away on my wee little laptop looking for new and exciting and most importantly
E A S Y things to do with me hook & yarn.
:: Now just a quick note, I can't read a crochet pattern to save my life, they might as well be written in Swahili - without photos there is little to no chance I'll figure them out (unless of course it was one shared by the lovely Lucy - she's brilliant isn't she? ☺) ::
So after not very many minutes searching the www my fingers where whizzing along with my hook and yarn and I was squealing with joy!
I even had to call Mr. VW to come and have a looky - his reaction was luke warm at best (men just don't get the whole hook and yarn thing do they???)
The whole diagonal thing has always caught my eye, but I was sure it was for the advanced hooker and I felt without photos, there was no chance for me. But I found this
S U P E R E A S Y pattern here. Five minutes, yes just 5 minutes, after finding this pattern, I had it mastered.
I've added a line or two today, but this lurgy has wiped me out and I could barely manage to hold my hook.
Thank you all again lovely readers for your wonderful comments, they mean so much to me.
Toodles and take care...... ♥
P.S. It's another blanket, yes another one....I am certain Mr. VW must think I am stocking up for some global blanket shortage. ☺

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Square

Here is sit...tap tap tap...wondering what to write today. I think I am losing my blogging thoughts, actually starting to wonder if they existed to begin with? This little speck in cyberspace has become a challenge these days, never sure what to write. Constantly reminding myself to write for me - i do love the fact this is a little diary of my days - but I don't feel it should be a struggle. So if I don't pop in here as much for awhile, don't fret. I will still be stopping by to check on my bloggerville friends while I figure out if I have the end of winter blues or if my thoughts are just quiet for a while.
Oh! The square... that one up there.... that's me dabbling around with grannys.... stepping away from my standard and fiddling around with something new.
Take care!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thinking of Summer

The weather here the last few days has been, well quite . . . . . . G L O R I O U S. Almost no coat weather :: bit chilly in the morning, perfect in the afternoon. There is still some lingering snow piles in the garden, which now is grey and disgusting. The roads look just filthy with salt and grit and piles of dirty snow, we need a good rain to wash it away. Which apparently is in the forecast along with flood warnings for the remainder of the week. :-S So good-bye basement, hello indoor swimming pool! Not to worry, our basement is old and originally probably had a dirt floor. I don't cry too much when the water gets in - that's what happens with 100 year old houses.
My goodness I am quite the ramble. Back to the point. I have spent the last couple of evenings pottering around the garden, admiring my daffodils (quietly praying for no more snow) and thinking of summer and the flowers to come.....after a little dig in the old Gephart photo archives, I found these lovelies. A bit of colour inspiration to hold my over till spring finally gets here....

So fingers crossed that spring will arrive and the garden will be filled with flowers....
Happy Friday!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crochet Flower Wreath

First things first :: I must wish my oldest Big J a super HUGE congratulations on being accepted to Virginia Tech. Well it brings tears to my eyes to think my first boy will shortly be 18 and then after the summer off to college. I am very proud of him. He is smart, kind and thoughtful and has grown up to be a very fine young man. Big J :: Love U! ♥

Big **sigh** after reading that first bit again.
We've had a lovely weekend, with glorious sunshine and almost warm days - farewell snow piles on my lawn!!! I discovered this lovely crochet flower wreath yesterday made by a very clever lady at this lovely button tree crafts blog from the wonderful Lucy's flower crochet pattern. Isn't it delightful? I squealed when I hung it on the fire place I was so pleased. If you can believe it even Mr. VW commented on it! Shocking eh?
Well I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

♥ Hello March ♥

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Isn't this year just whizzing along? It's March already! A little collage of our weather in February. Unfortunately March is turning out to be a little snowier than I would have liked. I'll count my blessings though that I don't live one county over, they have racked up an amazing 22 feet of snow this year! yes that's feet, not inches. I am however very pleased to say my daffodils have finally resurfaced! I thought I'd never see them again.